'DWTS' Season 14 Premiere: Best Show Ever?

Judge Even Len says 2012's premiere was the best first show ever for "DWTS."
3:00 | 03/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS' Season 14 Premiere: Best Show Ever?
What -- premiere last night. For Dancing With The Stars incredible moves the highest scores of -- first episodes of the department Parker Presley about to keep things. Has what it takes. A couple of and make it to the finals. And I think Serena is going to be on Dancing With The Stars Josh -- little girl he's got a huge year on Dancing With The Stars use our shared you read we're watching last night as you're watching her so let's bring everybody up SP RI. This is the best. Shot -- The stars -- the glamour beauty elegance. Making Monday night the highest -- season premiere you have. Jaws dropped at the denigrate them both live. -- -- -- As -- fox trotted to the top of the leaderboard. Tied for first. A real -- vehemently that investigative Armstrong's -- -- and was watching the grand Gregory Hines. The line heartthrob of the debut of Latin invasion Williams having. -- confidence back -- that's made them. I think -- VP thank you couldn't be easy easy you know all the good it does remind. Driver took -- square off the field packing up -- -- his gyrating crowd pleasing chocolate chocolate. Maybe -- Disney star we're Chone -- laser shot hip hop and his top job. Wow the judges police -- While they -- the -- Gladys Knight -- like a kid. And -- -- -- -- The bond with a -- and -- performances. Meantime -- Natalie Loman and gathered across box trucks failed to impress the judges. Along with Melissa -- -- -- they found himself at the bottom of the -- Setting up an action pack starts this season fourteen. Ha we are joined now by the sensational Carson Presley survivor of Dancing With The Stars. Their teacher would you -- an alarm about one point two million. Absolutely. It's your heart -- -- very -- about Dancing With The Stars Andy -- that it was the best season premiere ever. I do you know what and when they cast comes out -- I was laughing because other method is that I -- are. They were amazing. That the highest scores ever for any debut in every papers will be contenders. -- it's only witness what that would do little but -- the last -- the -- -- -- let the people may not have seen him. He is tied for the lead -- -- moved out there was something he was great what I love about him -- -- -- personality on the dance floor. They're really connecting me look at their -- had a great time. He doesn't look like he's thinking about his stance that all he's just doing it. -- winged insects and copy of reference but probably get past and ended with edible but I don't like I -- I might not important thing. And I said no I didn't really good and I think OK you defeat weapon don't tell anybody and I -- and -- like he could win I love how she fed me. We're going to be nice to kids because they grow up to date back away. It's hard for the league right now -- About miss Catherine I won't happen was a total surprise to -- -- -- -- he -- -- -- really -- haven't gotten an after last night everyone's loving her. She was so beautiful so elegant really -- on the mark with all of removed. I'm accused so lovely light went into theater -- -- so English suspect that Mary Poppins she's -- down from life wherever. She is lovely. Traficant. I worry about that she's so elegant graceful and -- the bombers like. Be doing the -- which will be a real. -- Buckhead now the one I feel what is absolutely robbed last night I agree the driver Donald Driver look at those moves he's like really point -- quick. There were intricate steps it was very fast and heat up and slugger -- -- likes and -- don't -- -- that -- got voted off first class and -- and yeah. And I -- -- yeah she was like going crazy -- you all of I'm so excited about. I just I think they're great and I think there -- scores I think the judges were getting warmed up to me. You know. The price of fuel was -- -- they would have a little bit on conservative with them and I think they should have been at the top of the they're going to be around for awhile but anything there right there. In my hair Hewitt everyone is talking about might hold on apple laid out if I -- I -- -- -- every time I think happened. -- he is one hot wheel -- but narrow this William leaving. And I like he's more than one hot little -- -- narrow these -- I'm like why so many clothes okay. -- -- I was like what we did -- I pleaded Cheryl what I said next time -- little stands. How can -- -- -- dancing hasn't really everyone loved him when he admitted his role as I was like just do that you'll be fine. -- but even Latin was like in love with him self. They're gonna -- well I feel like -- -- to rob Kardashian. A lot of fans before they get better -- -- -- I think the art Pressley all the season. This moment right now I know what's fun fun fun last night Gary -- Yeah thank you the -- being compared to her because she's out there that.

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{"id":15960255,"title":"'DWTS' Season 14 Premiere: Best Show Ever?","duration":"3:00","description":"Judge Even Len says 2012's premiere was the best first show ever for \"DWTS.\"","url":"/GMA/video/dwts-season-14-premiere-donald-driver-kathrine-jenkins-15960255","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}