'DWTS' Season 15 All-Star Cast: Bristol Palin, Kirstie Alley

Celebrities return for highly-anticipated 15th season; Aaron Carter weighs in.
6:45 | 07/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS' Season 15 All-Star Cast: Bristol Palin, Kirstie Alley
Breaking news of the next all star lineup of dancing with the stars and Lara that's it to the finals certainly carried out the -- editor -- -- that is way. To second place and you didn't tell -- Maybe -- This is wow yeah that's -- -- look at. -- -- And cash and -- a Spider-Man yes. Because he likes what he likes to climb the fence is when he wins as well Colombo was -- -- from now on. This reality TV star and -- contributors -- -- her way into the top rate. -- -- Stevie Hollywood actor who took home the -- -- in season two and broke all of our hearts. I mean he -- My heart and that she is back. The teen advocate reality TV started caused. Quite a stir when she landed in the top three. And -- got that gorilla suit Bristol Palin is. Wallace because we're not done there's a new twist to see -- -- Dancing With The Stars. There's gonna let all of you and you would home choose their thirteenth contestant. From this war 34. Under the hours here on GA over GM in any fashion expert man about to. -- Staying together and vote for him he just it's so fun if you don't want to vote for this person the cheetah girl clawed her way through season five Sabrina Bryan. And he is what I do famously put Sierra. -- I'm Brandon GM and then I want to be -- little cars in the -- have voted for money yeah. I'm not CBC -- not an. On -- list but. Great choices and now we want to bring in -- kids -- -- panel to help break down this casting decision. -- joining us live from Los Angeles is -- knowledge -- She rare -- -- -- I get it right. -- -- -- -- Incredible -- his own right -- -- the one that that's Sherri shepherd to be my last name actually. Saw its -- -- sure koskie I gotta love I gotta love. Hi Heidi valuables that woods -- -- is rather. Now we found love to do with Sherri shepherd my friend. Also joining us the former Dancing With The Stars contestant he's that's the story on -- in the fantastic FaceBook. How about we want to start with you hear the dance -- here you heard the lineup. -- do you think we should watch out for just right now gut gut reaction. Men Emmitt Smith makes me a little nervous -- -- -- front runner right away. He's got that work -- he's got that -- mentality. You know he's a hall of famers and hall of Famer on the show clearly is an all -- -- -- -- Baghdad. You know I'm a fan so I'm a fan of everybody actually being -- back I'm very excited it's going to be very competitive. -- -- -- we see so many former athletes actually current athletes do so well the footwork and give you does that work -- what. What is what changes for them. I think. You know I think they're very accomplished athletes but at the same time they -- they have had that experience of being coach -- Take directions and and and be able to be part of this competitive environment and -- and that -- stress fact I think they're used to that and and clearly Emmitt Smith -- in a whole thing full bowl player. Every Sunday. Getting hit every -- then and then break it all these records what I'm doing its taxes. -- -- -- In the park. On -- and who do you think is going to be in this group just -- Really yeah without question that has Jay Leno impression especially if he's part that was paired up with three and a and a being -- no -- that going to be well I -- What I was on the show they actually had a good relationship -- me you know there's chemistry that lasts in the show on this commission that that lasts way after. And you know I think that if they were -- -- That they would. You mentioned chemistry here. What exactly is that the -- we take looks a little -- kids really at the training goes on -- the weeks. -- and there are 678 hours a day of each other that what really when you talk about chemistry on the show what do you -- Well from me when when I say chemistry and the actually being and to respect each other -- -- -- that's really what comes out series is to respect for one of one another and a. Not taken things too seriously and in listening to you can hear your teacher but -- -- teacher has to listen to you too and understand your needs and wouldn't need from them as well. Our students are butting heads and especially when it starts getting hot and heavy -- in the competition now. You start taking things out on each other when it's really not each -- to nursing and all the pressure that you have you know leading up to -- Monday night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Man I was strictly told not to speculate and Aaron definitely -- bureau. Like are part of normal fan latest set I like I love I love to see Kelly Monaco back on the show. It's been seven years so we'll see how about how -- -- this -- Kirstie. Although cursing no -- he does family I love -- But a but haven't -- the courtesy and also -- -- All right you guys going to be there and it's going to be fantastic we thank you both for joining us here we -- -- again and. -- -- and all right -- again we really appreciate -- and again. You blog on. Good Morning America right there we have three viewer's choice contestant going to be joining us live thinking of Bob -- and you vote and we're gonna have a thirteen contestants. Come Monday.

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{"id":16872154,"title":"'DWTS' Season 15 All-Star Cast: Bristol Palin, Kirstie Alley","duration":"6:45","description":"Celebrities return for highly-anticipated 15th season; Aaron Carter weighs in.","url":"/GMA/video/dwts-season-15-star-cast-bristol-palin-kirstie-16872154","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}