'DWTS' Week Six: Who Rocked and Who Flopped

Check out highlights from week six of 'Dancing With the Stars.'
2:04 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for 'DWTS' Week Six: Who Rocked and Who Flopped
Plus seven remaining couples gave -- regards to Broadway. Carson Presley -- from the ballroom just last week. A special parents to help with this season's first group dance. But the biggest theatrics of the night came after hope that Max dance the rumba. I've been in this business for nearly fifty years minus -- -- -- He got it. But don't because. Like I'm not I'm just thankful to everybody right because that everybody's putting a lot of effort everybody on that balcony has been. -- -- -- your god is a little judgmental comment well yeah. And again after the -- presented -- scores. I just. You know with all due respect this is my show you know I helped make him what it is and I loved every aspect of it I loved every professional that some have been here and I -- every celebrity that puts effort into every week. Having said that. My little tirade that would be energized some -- effort and some being picked him -- He leads. -- -- Nancy Grace have -- with a box -- And the -- -- -- cheered as rob -- job. -- tied at the top of the scoreboard with 29 out of thirty at last week's leader JR Martinez. And Ricki Lake who returned to the top spot. After slipping on the leader board last week. -- I gave up if you got talent. The lowest score of the night went to Chaz Bono. Whose ten go to the Phantom of the Opera earned him nineteen out of thirty but -- Watching a few people -- -- tried to be a big messy battle cry. Tonight we will see which couple will be voted off that who will -- -- dance another week.

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{"id":14808838,"title":"'DWTS' Week Six: Who Rocked and Who Flopped","duration":"2:04","description":"Check out highlights from week six of 'Dancing With the Stars.'","url":"/GMA/video/dwts-week-rocked-flopped-14808838","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}