Ed Sheeran performs his smash hit 'Shape of You' live on 'GMA'

The superstar rocks out to his hit song live from Times Square.
4:33 | 09/25/17

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Transcript for Ed Sheeran performs his smash hit 'Shape of You' live on 'GMA'
Ian I question really is is this a distraction look we all agree and we've been talking about this all morning that everybody needs to respect. The American flag and the great freedoms that this country. Affords everybody but at the same time. People have a right to do what they want people have a right they have that freedom to protest and why is the president talking about this you've got North Korea coming Adam. Health care taxing form. He's having an argument with the players. Maria we are talking about tax form North Korean a lot of other important issues I think. The the media has harp on this bomb in my opinion yesterday had second edition on two Sunday shows but we have tax reform coming this week it. He got want tax reform question. A between both shows look we are unafraid to stand up for the American flag the National Anthem and oh it represents and that's people what sacrificed so others can live their lives people knapsack presence country S first responders as members of the military. In many ways that we need to continue to honor you and I both know there's not a person. Who works for a corporation that doesn't have a contract but doesn't have to live by rules that doesn't have to do. What that company culture tells them they have to do and this is exactly what the secretary was discussing the NFL's makes rules for everything. For talking in your Jersey never what stickers you Wear on your helmet so he was simply saying that. The owners could get together and perhaps make a rule that says when the National Anthem plays you stand up a new honor the country and if you have something the protests do it off the field out of your uniform. Nab diving treasury sector leadership made a good point about the stickers that that really as Tony's good to see it today sir thanks so much great to see you Maria thank you saudis.

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{"id":50067527,"title":"Ed Sheeran performs his smash hit 'Shape of You' live on 'GMA' ","duration":"4:33","description":"The superstar rocks out to his hit song live from Times Square. ","url":"/GMA/video/ed-sheeran-performs-smash-hit-shape-live-gma-50067527","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}