Elisabeth Hasselbeck Prepares Gluten-Free Treats

"The View" host talks about her new book "Deliciously G-Free."
5:18 | 01/11/12

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Transcript for Elisabeth Hasselbeck Prepares Gluten-Free Treats
G free so flavorful they'll never believe it's gluten free -- tweaks and classic -- for if -- yes that everybody can enjoy them and in fact. In the house about household -- -- you who is the silly -- disease suffer from yes. We'll suffer no more because they have got good food to be their partner in it back down you know we actually have a gluten free home hybrid at times but -- probably for now I really miss just being at the table with a failing haven't -- thing -- -- -- -- them. And like most month so sick of making three different meal that -- itself. I decided not why that these recipes die with me I just want to participate again in the field people I'm gonna I brought them back. Then you wonder if you what can you operate on the friends I know your husband he's definitely guy's guy and you've got some. Guys got food here as well I can tell I'm still recovering from the buffalo tendered bonds and there are great and but he'll also likely to -- parks and much to die for him barbecued chicken sandwich with law that he when he heat heating and speak to -- for the -- -- He just getting out there. At least a small part of Elizabeth sat but I -- -- -- -- everybody's invited to let them. She's hearsay and she's a walk me through again this is something that kids not to eat and I wanted to eat with and -- -- just kind of wanted to bring everybody together again it's actually can make -- is just takes get knock. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There are lots of -- Is that you also want to get your cream cheese and butter and you want to be. -- -- somebody thought it hotter than actually pinpoint important. When -- down to get back Fallon. Get it started -- to quickly get the flavor. -- -- -- Asked if he did you think America and if I make friends of college you know John. Forget -- you can not a very. -- -- -- I'm not afraid of the fight I didn't quite see it -- for the drawn up over the -- style but won't let anything but chatter and American actually make their way -- their -- that he. The once you get that about the data and actually look like -- and you know with that happened thanks combined air and adding. Little -- that. He can do little -- -- humor. Pat back to the business -- new ones gluten free -- initiative that it's Fredricka it's me put it here. And then what you wanna do lift that meant getting nothing good is gonna start to take into -- -- -- actually gonna start work in -- and an active. -- -- -- -- -- -- Out of that he cuts that don't pretend that -- -- Let me when I'm here I -- huge if you -- -- -- -- -- any president I think about a -- mark time and. Yeah would likely every Mac yeah. -- -- -- and that artwork. Stick game's almost over -- -- -- -- good every Mac and cheese league. I don't cabinet -- what you wanna do once the classes -- -- -- he let it just kind of like it firm and it has no idea how lower -- And -- you you can attitudes here ran against. He Caledonia bank 410. Minutes of musical yeah I need different -- and they can't be everywhere -- little tiny -- And -- -- you can -- -- a big volunteered you know into the crowd -- -- favorable me out but everything from chicken tenders to cupcake. -- -- -- -- -- -- That -- they -- chocolate as. One of my favorite at all about the -- combination you can't count at the new -- hang out you know it's actually this is like bullets that have passed up on everyone -- gluten free and just enjoy it like everyone else you -- get back into the -- -- -- -- how to how do we get the vendors -- -- that -- I've actually instill good for you Tim can't eat that you know accurate Monday the FBI and welcome back into the happy chicken tenders -- buffalo I don't feel like John -- and it -- -- into the house aren't delicious now. So where it was the gluten in the tender before -- You can actually I usually do -- Ted that's also -- gluten free -- -- -- you can combine the flowers -- to do it this phone has not -- actually this is actually a little lower carb version of the buffalo ten there appealed to break -- -- -- bluntly -- -- I have it once upon a time and really had a war to get a meal is it really so is it really accepted now that you know they realize that you need. Everything at your fingertips feel that -- you know every day favorite. I did because I have sealing activities that so many more people are making a move to -- gluten free diet for a variety of health resent -- and yes I ever owned kind of come back to the family table together and it's. It's great way to do it I'd been able to tricked him and he he -- doesn't -- the compliment -- very easily are distributed and it's OK listen to tell you what you do wrong. That's what computers -- -- with -- well into the room loves what do you think you. -- -- agenda as I don't want a do there. -- -- -- -- You can find all of these and other great gluten free recipes again like that pulled pork sandwich which I'm gonna go do you right now it's Good Morning America dot com -- had thank you.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

{"id":15338192,"title":"Elisabeth Hasselbeck Prepares Gluten-Free Treats","duration":"5:18","description":"\"The View\" host talks about her new book \"Deliciously G-Free.\"","url":"/GMA/video/elisabeth-hasselbecks-gluten-free-treats-recipes-book-deliciously-15338192","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}