Elizabeth Karmel's Tennessee White Chili

Chef prepares recipes from her new book, "The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook."
3:00 | 02/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Elizabeth Karmel's Tennessee White Chili
We are gone down on that some great southern comfort filled with Elizabeth Connell the executive chef. Until country barbecue market friend of the show she's bring us some recipes from. This new book it's the lodge cast iron cookbook devoted to this wonderful tradition of cast iron cooking she joins us. Now I have to tell you I grew up a cast -- and child. Hey let's get any good at -- what is the lot OK so -- paid a lot Bailey's been making cast cookware for a 116 years and now they have a cookbook. And I -- love this cookbook because you know everyone's favorite cookbook is a church cookbook a junior league cup but. And this is like a lodge community -- and so let's dive in here -- I'm sensing some some chicken -- this is one of my favorite recipes because. You know Chile. It's so -- it sometimes takes a long time chairman. This is like a thirty minute Chile because we aren't they have cooked chicken -- out of this that's the keys in the -- White chicken and I'm gonna come let you help me -- got. We got a little oil here you can use canola oil continues. We're gonna start with onions onions. On me news olive oil organist -- I'm yeah. Love it. And the garlic and the -- and everything needs a little in. Little -- -- OK so now to get you to help they've done a -- that it can't let this here and television in half not a if you live -- I think I got the -- -- Let's ensure that the hot one point and thank you at K so we've sought take onions and garlic here -- -- now -- question anything legitimate. And a question. I was -- are you on camera a day and that's what I would let the let. Let's add a little bit of chicken Brock can drop -- -- okay just waiting to see how quickly that guns and check again. White -- like -- can print them yet. -- -- Oscar for you add to -- -- that. A little -- Kim this is just a little better that all of that. So I guess that's a lot of cute little bit of high end that is a little bit plan and write a more key that you could really spice to tape could have you could add insult. -- and I might even put in a little bit more -- satellite -- already and then lets you know what I would need more chickens -- second stacked you can look at it we'll see how much. You want particularly because his good -- and now this is and this is all working our very last -- to some fresh salon child you're beautiful little karaoke little -- And you know -- That's as easy as it has -- this analogy the mid sits in so how long third minute delivers for thirty minutes and this topic this up -- this -- -- -- If bark for so that certainly capable here OK and as you do I'm gonna throw and I'll get my cheese it looks like -- scallions. You know what such gadgets customize it just like regular killing young pilot to land in the limits he's on their little more little more -- Monterey Jack cheese some tortilla chips on scallions and now of course it wouldn't be -- without the cornbread it would not -- -- without regret and you know what. Corn bread as well you should and the double Terry -- -- They're eating dessert -- and -- like that. Not so I don't get special technique -- adamant it's about technique right it's more about the technique -- the bad -- and here's my secret. Eutectic cast iron -- -- essential. Put a little butter -- it can't put it in the oven is preheated oven to -- the cornbread and I -- And you want to get the pain and nice and hot and they benefit cast iron is. It heats up really evenly really consistently done so once the butter is melted and bubbling -- the -- is hot so use you know hot. This meant that -- quote. -- and then you put the batter in there and instantly rises putting -- -- and it gives it more -- -- for how long. For blood thinning underestimating usually about 4045 -- -- in the end in and we have the -- -- to finish it off yeah. What do you think yes O'Donnell saying yeah. The military there's sweeping -- -- -- sour cherries and ministry issel topping new. And you know I traded a ton a -- that -- country ticket. But this I have to say is really mcsame really really really deliberately had done -- and I courses finished and it takes like 45 minutes. Even I can make it maybe you well yeah -- make good on our website Good Morning America dot com -- Yahoo!.

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{"id":15538108,"title":"Elizabeth Karmel's Tennessee White Chili","duration":"3:00","description":"Chef prepares recipes from her new book, \"The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook.\"","url":"/GMA/video/elizabeth-karmels-tennessee-white-chili-15538108","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}