Elizabeth Smart Wedding: Exclusive Details

People magazine's Betsy Gleick shares details from the wedding in Hawaii.
3:08 | 02/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Elizabeth Smart Wedding: Exclusive Details
And now for the latest on that happily ever after for a dear member of our -- family Elizabeth Smart -- Matthew -- this past weekend. It was a whirlwind wedding in Hawaii. Joining us now with an exclusive look at the big day including a never before seen photo that you see right there and -- details from the intimate celebration is People Magazine executive editor. Betsy -- always good to have you here Ty -- love -- Those photographs and everything I know that it comes out on Friday that frank and you really get into the system more -- -- how they met and how he proposed it's at that's right. We have just the most beautiful story and the most beautiful pictures it's just a taste of what we have some who it's just it's hard not to feel delighted for Elizabeth. We have all followed her -- for ten years and this just seems like a beautiful. Happy ever after she said and we see them there on the beach in Hawaii in -- -- why Hawaii was so special for her well it's really a beautiful story it turns out that after Elizabeth was freed and rescued from her kidnappers she went with her family to -- Wahoo. To heal and recover me and she spent some weeks there ten years ago. And she wanted to bring her new husband Matthew. To the place what that was so important to her and her family got chills when I read it's a beautiful it is beautiful and heat -- her husband. Had no idea when they -- who she was that's right. Elicited Matt this dashing Scottish person. When they were both in France doing their Mormon mission work and they became friends and he had no idea who she was. And add the romance bloomed very sort of organically after that had to be so refreshing for her I think that's right -- that someone had just left her for her not knowing right -- that and we can see a beautiful blend. Both of their of their Mormon faith and -- a Scottish heritage that's right they did this beautiful. Ceremony. It was a very very traditional Mormon ceremony. In a Mormon temple. And yet. He was wearing his Scottish kilt and Elizabeth's father Ed and some of the other -- in the wedding party were wearing Scottish this'll be -- -- and Matthew's mother gave Ed Smart a tie that was -- tartan it was really nice. Seriously when she was here and Elizabeth let's hear a couple of weeks ago -- nearly couldn't help but notice the engagement ring ring and -- -- kind of to write it to us on the air and to talk. A little bit its own shopping for her dress when she was here. She did she and Matthew had originally planned have a summer wedding and then they decided -- to take the world by surprise and move it up. And she did this mad search for -- wedding dress and wasn't happy with the choices in Utah and came to new York and got -- -- -- It looks beautiful idea of how her with her family -- hair and make them known you know -- hiring anybody was just randomly affair right it was a really intimate special day we'll get thanks for giving us this think -- might encourage parents are -- everybody there and the news People Magazine. With Elizabeth Smart on the cover is again on newsstands this Friday.

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{"id":15764731,"title":"Elizabeth Smart Wedding: Exclusive Details","duration":"3:08","description":"People magazine's Betsy Gleick shares details from the wedding in Hawaii.","url":"/GMA/video/elizabeth-smart-wedding-hawaii-exclusive-details-15764731","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}