Elton John vs. Madonna: 'GAA' Pop Whip

Marisa Guthrie, Carlos Greer on Sir Elton's suggestion the Material Girl's career is over.
3:00 | 08/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Elton John vs. Madonna: 'GAA' Pop Whip
Boy, it is the rocket man versus the ma material girl in the latest celebrity war of wors. This one has been going on for quite awhile. Why is elton john firing off at madonna again? We're going tackle that and much more. He's a reporter at "people" magazine. She's a senior writer. Welcome carlos and maria. This is just the latest round if a multiround prize fight. Let get straight to it. Again, ma don have a for us is elton john. Sir elton. Blasting madonna in an interview with an australian program sunday night. Take a look. If madonna had any common sense, she would have made a record like "ray of light" stayed away from the dance stuff. She looks like a fairground stripper. A blanking fairground stripper. That's a "gaa" first. We had to do the beep. That works very well. Marisa, it's delicious if nothing else. The big heavy weights at the water hole. The two pop divas. What do you make of this? Publicity stunt. What better way to launch a tour than to launch into the fairground stiper comments. It's kind of mean, though. More he than her. He's attacked her more than she has him. Doesn't it make him look bad? I think it does. A lot of people have come out in support of madonna. She's been quiet. She's going about her tour. She hasn't taken the bait. Friends have said, he's going to perform the same songs until he dies. Is it true this is all about gaga? Because madonna is not quiet about gaga? No, she's not. That's the problem. Elton is a mentor to gaga. Madonna is dissing gaga. There is going to be a quiz to get out of the studio today. You're all taking notes. We actually have a big mazel tov to offer up to natalie portman. Oscar winner. Wed her fiance over the weekend. Serious. Mazel. Mazel tov. It was a traditional jewish wedding. He's from france. She is a vegan. No fish or steak on the men crew. It was all about them, celebrating them. This was the "black swan" guy? Right. That's how they met. On the set. Tell me about the dress. She's so mek tack lar. Never misses a beat. She's a fashion darling. She wore rodarte, who she has worn for years. They designed t ed the tutu she wore in the movie. The big surprise is that they were not already married. They had rings in february. Marisa guthrie and carlos grier, everybody. Let's check back with dch.L.

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{"id":16950408,"title":"Elton John vs. Madonna: 'GAA' Pop Whip","duration":"3:00","description":"Marisa Guthrie, Carlos Greer on Sir Elton's suggestion the Material Girl's career is over.","url":"/GMA/video/elton-john-madonna-gaa-pop-whip-16950408","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}