Emeril Lagasse Cooks up Christmas Breakfast

Famous chef makes mini ham and a cheese crustless quiche.
4:31 | 12/19/11

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Transcript for Emeril Lagasse Cooks up Christmas Breakfast
How about more of our countdown to Christmas guys very little gave us a choice of three tasty recipes from home and white chocolate holiday Joseph muffin -- Estrada and -- ham and cheese crust with quiche up. We look -- up to you. To choose a winner we -- the drum roll yeah. And the winner. I thought it was going to be the structure struggle. But if the -- -- yeah let's. Although -- over 30 yeah than they about a won't yup but didn't make all -- Well let me show you all three were gonna make one -- so let's make this -- -- -- watch that we need a constant soap here -- here are some. Little bit half and half and some eggs if you wish that I love risking an employment -- isn't it -- -- -- -- The politics of water it. It. No preference coming through -- effort to Terry Christensen. Some -- -- Green onions. Fellow looks like Christmas and apparently up to Christmas and a panel of assault and -- little pepper and then got. Okay -- not what happens we shorts say this as I've done here. For about maybe six minute she gets -- -- and tender. Not long what happens is this we're gonna take the mixture. Incited a little muffin -- I'll talk remote -- -- at all. A great idea and -- what -- to doomed as I've done here. -- besides filling them let's put some more about it right away if you know what I'm partial to put some more filling in here. And a mobile gonna do is I have only confirmed cheese. That's the that is yup -- traditional budget isn't just gonna cry bullish. On -- -- -- and put this right in here and this is that she's founder of any supermarket any story. We can make -- didn't give like -- cream cheese and just put hoosiers -- you know -- It's not a it's not a weekend when I'm not making my own -- not a political -- Tommy -- -- if -- yeah. Now here's what we're gonna do lunatic that cost the that we had which is here for more than a Philadelphia more than a -- -- -- 75. This is so simple it is very what this on Christmas morning don't want Arafat's -- going to be able to get an -- something good can do this ahead of time. What you could do this Christmas Eve haven't in the refrigerator. Take it out and then just put it in the -- I realized that the -- do the war they want the -- do the work exactly so how long but -- -- -- and put about 20/20 five minutes. -- kind of get nice in custody that's exactly what it is when you set the -- That's recently fourth apparently didn't know that it's done as early as well here it is right here this why have this -- -- -- -- want to -- won't cut so you -- happened and he just pop right out. Okay. Now here's what we got a lot like its white chocolate. We melted. We -- that white chocolate and we've got a little Carmen -- And about is that everybody knows -- -- just six a slice used -- a lot of Asian also Indian style cooking. Yeah and then. Profile your truck. -- -- -- -- There -- George -- you know our bottom -- -- so listens to what we do is not we have we have the quiche. This is the -- distraught that the White House sausage. -- -- dubbed -- -- news and he kind of read that you want. She vintage so that's that's distraught right there I thought that was gonna win for sure I've thought it was -- classless -- is one. Right here according distrust of the little salad like that. -- -- -- -- -- Good twenty I don't win this thought I -- so the -- I was startled us realize that all three shall we have to crush was -- which one. The breakfast are -- another great idea that you're doing -- long walk to benefit and -- of course this white chocolate. With a little bit of caught him in different type -- -- White chocolate -- huge -- -- little coffee and there is ridiculous they're both good and this election. There to get -- for her pregnancy and AMP trust us nothing good got reports economy you don't want enrollment dropped -- is what is the what is them. -- but that's it took it -- right. Decades of -- almost run out in the glued to -- -- -- -- reporting what it's like it's a little moist. With the with the sausage in the spinach -- -- Actually George were also up about naysayers and -- -- is -- million dollars being hit all of this that's based on our website. -- my manners and how are you haven't added that the ornament to America dot com log off --

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{"id":15187979,"title":"Emeril Lagasse Cooks up Christmas Breakfast ","duration":"4:31","description":"Famous chef makes mini ham and a cheese crustless quiche. ","url":"/GMA/video/emeril-lagasse-cooks-christmas-breakfast-15187979","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}