Emeril's English Muffin Monte Cristos

Chef also prepares his "Croque Madame on Croissant" for another great breakfast.
3:51 | 03/21/12

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Transcript for Emeril's English Muffin Monte Cristos
Yeah. Mother's Day breakfast in bed it is not too late -- everybody can still get short entries and we want you to what might get. My favorite Fridays on the -- it is the Friday before Mother's Day I sure that you door. It's just I mean what can be better than that and what usually -- English muffins. We want and we -- -- a lot of that CIQ -- I'll look at that face. And you. Is congratulations on not an humanity we want you to join we're gonna give you a little preview of what will be serving. Let's start with and. Classic sandwich Monte Cristo a break right. We're seeing Turkey cheese okay what's this would had to take a classic English muffin and here's what we're gonna do. Whatever -- -- you like who got to do little -- have had to give families a little grain and a little -- John. OK that's it that's that's that's -- that's -- just -- you can -- -- mayonnaise if you want to throw a wide enough so we've done that. -- -- We have choices. We have him -- didn't need we have -- Come on come on Turkey. Jordan literally we -- the -- don't know I don't. OK so look. Not what we do was we have this -- how little water on the outside soft water on the outside her -- right saltwater on here you know -- not what -- We got X. We have no three -- we have -- We have some salt yeah completely -- -- let it go after tax yeah make it twice aren't ready let's get -- -- You take the money -- Really Trenton -- back. Why -- and then. I threw -- how long your side okay we'll listen this has been on this side right now like. Three minutes four minutes on -- side look at -- the -- -- we'll get -- All look at I watched this -- So now we take a little night. Gone Hugh Laurie don't you Warrington Martin yeah Sam yeah Sam maybe they're not well Sam maybe you know. 10 o'clock. You know why why I'd love giving you the -- -- that -- -- -- but yeah. Hello I'm him. Don't go live there -- many outlets and -- usually I'm visit Warsaw. -- It's. Also Reitman did what Warren -- and -- Jordan one baby didn't what's hot. It. -- Corzine. It has damaged my old Robin very hot very very well thank you ladies there. Yeah yeah come -- Top London and -- over breezy. And then a little basement I don't understand don't know little bechamel without sound a little -- and -- -- you have the ambition write it. -- -- Another way -- and are mourning these recipes are fantastic. How delicious guys don't believe I'm usual and run on -- would English muffins. -- -- -- -- -- -- We.

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{"id":15969491,"title":"Emeril's English Muffin Monte Cristos","duration":"3:51","description":"Chef also prepares his \"Croque Madame on Croissant\" for another great breakfast.","url":"/GMA/video/emeril-lagasse-recipe-english-muffin-monte-cristos-15969491","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}