Emeril Lagasse Reveals 5 Pie Recipe Finalists

Chef introduces America to final five in his "Pie in Emeril's Eye" contest.
3:14 | 11/17/11

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Transcript for Emeril Lagasse Reveals 5 Pie Recipe Finalists
I got out of regular -- fear that -- who are a lot of help resolve the burning otherwise -- -- the -- -- -- an Elvis -- this deal was quite right here why Shannon. The party dude -- -- the -- Milwaukee Wisconsin. You know what the inspiration -- his elvis' peanut butter. A little chocolate though no idea peanut butter and bananas -- -- -- what do you think of that. That's pretty good on your -- right in the sense that second one right here this struggle perhaps this is a -- apple from an apple picking tradition. Basically this is from Robin hopes from -- -- write off Virginia. But what what is special about the short his visit Jack Daniels cream and Vanilla sauce is well. Then saw that happen without 100 Bernard drew your -- and yes yes jump net loans acknowledge -- that got this right here. This is married and have those -- -- Paramount body. Yeah by his own shot nearly all about her grandmother. Margaret it's costing one just right -- -- it yet again one. So her grandmother haven't bought a truck stop. The grandfather. Drove the truck. Shall we -- three -- of the truck -- can always get the body that they got married. Heading -- good partner that is really think -- is not good news this morning here is a little inspiration from Helen Smith. Basically. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She and Obama -- to third parties of god book content and sweet potato sushi combined them a little dream right there who -- it's a really good one. Group presented. We got severed its kind you don't learn Jim -- -- capital chief -- say yeah. -- Campus not Bolivia ramp through Canada -- -- -- all of our idea let's -- it included Bob might all right so take that we're confident that I want to -- cardinal. Darryl gotten it right here she loves -- -- couldn't find any recipes the British. And pushing her little letters it UA for the separate an urgent yes -- -- guess blue. I'm embarrassed Google neutral to a mobile home -- -- Unbelievable -- ultimately out of these five we want everyone to send then yes all their you know their their favorite slots they come down one on one day on Monday what do you think Herman I -- I -- -- lean toward the idea of the book -- sweepstakes. -- I think I'm a woman to area it's a good one I think they're all good in both the cream pies are really really yeah they're all a lot of money they look at a house. Three. Of the five general and -- Monday. We'll pick a winner coming -- cool. I don't know I'm I'm I'm certainly shoes -- hi Gary Miller should -- -- Good -- according -- Davis scored you to differ over an ocean yeah. Yeah I don't think it's like yeah I'm not sure what that means zone and kicked many -- up a notch and boom boom and -- boom boom just right up to them -- -- you're Graham. We've been hiding in the movement in the you know what these are all really really good that you don't vote and get the rescue right now mark -- -- on the dot com.

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{"id":14972740,"title":"Emeril Lagasse Reveals 5 Pie Recipe Finalists","duration":"3:14","description":"Chef introduces America to final five in his \"Pie in Emeril's Eye\" contest.","url":"/GMA/video/emeril-lagasse-reveals-pie-recipe-finalists-swedish-chef-14972740","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}