Emeril's Guilt-Free Comfort Food in 2012

Emeril Lagasse prepares his garden vegetable soup and chicken in a pot.
4:16 | 12/27/11

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Transcript for Emeril's Guilt-Free Comfort Food in 2012
I have you made a resolution to -- bit more hopefully into when he twelve we can help you keep a new year new you challenge it's well you still can. Your very favorite comfort -- thanks in part. We got six here. Test shows a couple of good -- happy little recipes and I know one pot cooking is is a big part of of what you try to do it's we have chicken in a pot we have chicken and a -- I'm also gonna show you some -- orange portion apple -- -- And then a wonderful. Vegetable -- whatever vegetables you can -- -- talk will -- the second OK so we get a fried chicken. And dog with a little pigeon point you want taught it how hard is that. Easy didn't seriously like -- -- and if I'm doing it to -- like trying issue America. Now let's take a little bit of pepper and just -- -- all over real good and -- okay. I like a lot Schultz she salt Kosher salt. -- -- -- It is erratic and just gonna get them right here and in the particle Schobel and I am so he could see what I did as -- rendered. Some for some -- first. And that's what was here at the bottom of the flow that was an illusion of -- guess what I want to do -- we just one associate yourself with -- in the bottom of an issue the top. So I decide how long gal on the -- two minutes societal death and get nice column in -- Once that happens -- -- a chicken out of the park. So now we're on the village woman. To a slow -- with. So that's just a chicken -- OK not. To the -- -- for which that we regularly smell that not what we're gonna do -- -- -- carrots celery the little one in some volatile global. The -- cook fish for. For about four minutes and that again that's as with the vacant on and -- about not what we're gonna do resist. We have the big -- that we rendered. We're gonna just put this right it's right near the month -- come on baby. Four gonna add Paul bought a half a couple wind you can usually brought that you don't want to use one of death. A little bit of time. -- Right time not what we're gonna do politically these vegetables. That these vegetables -- no pride in -- they've been exciting for about how long they'll vote for five minutes had not not -- because not what's gonna happen in the slow cooker. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's a great thing it's not a crock pot should slow growth -- you can program in hiding or you can program it loaf okay. Again if you don't wanna use whiny piece chicken -- -- -- gonna let that simmer. I don't walk away and go big thing that's that I can do that I can walk alone can -- -- do that. Not this is what looks like check this out. Allows audio. -- -- -- nice and tender -- beautiful fall off the bulge is not how you know when it's done when it's kind of fallen off the -- like that but let me tell you what I did okay. Is beside the carrot solely on engine dollar closed the high added little potatoes ha -- little smoke ingredient to add a little potatoes -- we actually -- Jewish heroes and and again when we added everything else exactly. I'll check -- so there. For chicken and a pot yet. Little blue chip now what are you doing that -- let me talk to folks at home the fifth. What about a look at us as one pitted vegetable shooting but whatever vegetables you have a nice -- steamy nice and hot yeah. -- -- -- -- -- And then I have. Acorn squash. That we've cut in cubes for club and just basically raised with apples and cinnamon and a little bit -- chicken broth a little bit wore -- Great -- vegetable. I'm gonna give you a little secret. He like -- -- You know really not because not a huge fan and I could make you call it welfare reform but commitment of all I knew we could -- for a whole head -- that now in chicken -- Phillips fork tender five. After its fourth and we take you don't cool we roasted in the -- 400 degrees the outfitted for a little parmesan cheese and -- Call it while warm delicious you know they can get the -- -- Next on Good Morning America dot com. At Yahoo! -- you get all admirals goodness there and he'll make you a cauliflower believer as well as you can and about half. -- pat yeah.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

{"id":15239003,"title":"Emeril's Guilt-Free Comfort Food in 2012","duration":"4:16","description":"Emeril Lagasse prepares his garden vegetable soup and chicken in a pot.","url":"/GMA/video/emerils-guilt-free-comfort-food-2012-15239003","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}