Emmitt Smith, Cheryl Burke on Return to 'DWTS'

Season 3 winners make another attempt to take home the Mirror-Ball Trophy
3:00 | 09/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Emmitt Smith, Cheryl Burke on Return to 'DWTS'
Let's go outside to amy. We keep rolling out the stars here. Pro football hall of famer, emmitt smith, and his dance partner, cheryl burke, won the third season of "dancing with the stars." Now, they are making a triumphant return for the all-star season. We're going to talk to them in just a moment. They're sitting next to me. First, let's look back at how they won the mirrorball. He caught cha-cha fever and tackled the tango on season three of "dancing with the stars." Legendary running back, emmitt smith went from crossing yard lines on the football field to perfecting lines on the dance floor. Winning audiences over with husband authenticity and pure joy for life. I think every mants to hear, that's the way I want to dance. Reporter: He became almost as well-known for his colorful shoes as his fancy footwork. And after this unforgettable freestyle. Emmitt and cheryl. Reporter: Became the first athlete to ever win the coveted mirrorball trophy. I will always remember. I'll do this, as long as I don't have to wear spandex. We never put him in the spandex. But he did get used to the high-heeled shoes. Reporter: Now, smith and cheryl burke are trying to go for gold one more time. And now, from "dancing with the stars," let's welcome emmitt smith and cheryl burke. Thanks for being with us. We're going to get you over the fear of spandex. Look what we got for you at "gma." We know you like color. You think they will fit? Your favorite color. This will not fit. This does not work with me. You can try that in the privacy of your own home. Maybe we'll see that this season. Seriously, emmitt, you are the only football player to have ever been on "dancing with the stars" to play and to win. Do you think that gives you an advantage? No. It doesn't give me an advantage at all. I think cheryl and i, we talk about it all the time. We have to concentrate and focus on what we have to as a team, in order for us to give the best performance that we need to give. What is that? What's the secret? I think six years ago, we had a great formula. That was to work hard, have fun, and just really take everything step-by-step. And I think, why change that formula? It worked six years ago. We're going to try and do it again. This is a little crazy for you, cheryl. Two of your former partners, drew lachey and gilles marini are returning. Do you feel strange as to who you give your allegiance to? I think in the beginning when we were doing the promo shoot, it was a little strange. But emmitt's my partner. That's what I need to focus on. I still have love for gilles and drew. Any reservations about taking to the dance floor again? No. You were laughing at yourself. I was looking at the moves i was doing. I don't think I can do those moves any longer. Give us new moves. We're going to reserve the right to wait until the opening night to show america truly what we can do. Cheryl, who's your biggest competition? Everyone says this. It's our yourselves. No one has ever been eliminated first for this all-star season. It will be so interesting. We're going to focus on what we have to focus on. And so fun. So happy to be with emmitt again. Where do you keep your mirrorball trophy? It's in my game room. It's the most talked about trophy in the house. People wanted to see the trophy. I brought it down. And everybody got up. Thank you so much. Emmitt and cheryl.

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{"id":17225091,"title":"Emmitt Smith, Cheryl Burke on Return to 'DWTS'","duration":"3:00","description":"Season 3 winners make another attempt to take home the Mirror-Ball Trophy","url":"/GMA/video/emmitt-smith-cheryl-burke-return-dancing-stars-star-17225091","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}