Emmy's Countdown: 'GMA' Name That TV Tune

"GMA" anchors try to guess the Emmy-nominated show by listening to theme songs.
3:00 | 09/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Emmy's Countdown: 'GMA' Name That TV Tune
This is our excuse, basically, to be competitive and allow lara to get her energy out. But the countdown is on to our "gma" party at the emmys. We're getting in the spirit with another edition of "name that tv tune." The 2012 primetime emmy awards airs sunday on abc. And we thought it would be fun to hear some of the theme songs of the emmy-nominated shows, past and present. George took home the trophy. I've still got it. Really? Let's see if he can do it again. Here's how this works. We'll play ten seconds of a television show theme song. The first person to buzz, you don't have to wait for it all to go. Oh, I know. Watch lara raise her hand and buzz at the same time. You get the point. Our first category is 2012 nominees. All of these come from shows that have been nominated in the 2012 nominees. Lara, amy, elizabeth, george. Our players. Our first song. Wow. Elizabeth vargas? Don't be trying my trick. "Big bang theory." Absolutely. Oh, my god. How is that possible? By the way -- "big bang theory" is nominated for best comedy this year. That's what I said. This helps lara get it all out. We'll go on to our next song, players. Are you ready? Here we go. George? That's easy. That's "modern family." Right here on abc. It's earned a whopping 14 emmy nominations this year. The most of any comedy in this year's competition. George now has a point. You ready for the third one? Yes. Lara, I'm a little surprised. Are you okay? Want to test it just to make sure it's workin all right. Ready for our next song. Here we go. ♪ that's "modern family." How did you say "modern family." That was the song you did before, wasn't it? It was. I think you played it twice in a row. No. We only played it once. Did you do "modern family" for the last one. Play a little bit. It's "modern family." It is "modern family." I got it. I really did get it. That's "30 rock." Wait a minute. Play it again. It's "30 rock." It is "30 rock." I totally thought -- who got it right? George got it. I know it's nbc. Oh, wow. It is. 30 rock." And "30 rock" another best comedy nominee this year. It stars tina fey and alec baldwin. Thank you, sam. Lara did not get the point. George does. Song four. Let's go. ♪ "mad men." Easily. I knew it. It's my favorite show. We have to split it. Let's go over the way -- let's go over the way the game plays. You have to ding it. And then, you have to respond. So, I can't give you a point, either one of you. I can't. I would like to. Why can't lara get the point? I think. Everyone -- you guys vote. Who gets the point? She can have the point. Lara can have the point. Elizabeth, that's nice. I know. And now, number five. Elizabeth quick with the ding. "Dancing with the stars," another abc favorite. We're going to switch gears, everybody is getting points except for amy. I'm sorry. I don't watch that much tv. Now, in this round, we're going back to the past here. Let's show you some blasts from the past, or listen to our first song. "Sex and the city." Very good. We have time for one more. Amy, it's your chance to get on the board. Let's listen to one more. What? Total guess. "Lost"? "Lost." Great job, george. I loved "lost." George, you're actually the winner today. Two times now. Amy has never played our game before. She wasn't ready. You weren't, either, for the fireworks at the end of the game. Lara, nice try. Nice try. Always competitive, lara spencer. I get a big "l" for loser. Josh and lara are on the red carpet for the emmys. The 46th primetime emmy awards. They're start right after the 8:00 p.M. -- We have to give you the trophy. Yeah. I'm going to participate in this because I'm not a sore loser. I want you to know. I'm very proud of your knowledge. And right after -- don't forget to tune in monday, for the "gma" emmy after-party. We'll have interviews with all of the winners.

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{"id":17261065,"title":"Emmy's Countdown: 'GMA' Name That TV Tune","duration":"3:00","description":"\"GMA\" anchors try to guess the Emmy-nominated show by listening to theme songs.","url":"/GMA/video/emmys-countdown-gma-tv-tune-17261065","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}