EMT Allegedly Tried to Hire Hitman to Kill Husband

A Texas mother is accused of trying to have her firefighter husband killed.
2:54 | 03/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for EMT Allegedly Tried to Hire Hitman to Kill Husband
Right now to the story of the Texas mother charged with putting out a hit on her own husband a Houston firefighter. Police say that woman Brittany Martinez told -- would be hit man that she didn't care how her husband of five years was killed. Just that she wanted him dead and she gave him a down payment of 1000 dollars to get it done ABC's Ryan -- now is in Dallas. With the very latest good morning to you run. Good morning to you Josh as you well know firefighters they put their lives on the line all of the time but for one Houston firefighter. Well police say the real danger to him. Was right under his own roof. They appeared to be the picture of happiness. On the family's blog Brittany Martinez writes how excited she is to renew her vowels to her firefighter husband Adrienne. What a guy she posted. -- -- prosecutors say she wanted dead. The 24 year old Ian -- is charged with solicitation of murder accused of hiring a hit man to -- -- husband. Her attorney says -- sad and scared to death. It's a bizarre. Scenario men. -- delve into and talk to witnesses -- punch we can't starting no dealt with this man the prosecution's star witness. According to court documents Stephen Rowland a boxer and mixed martial artist. These pictures are from -- FaceBook page. He's the man Martinez allegedly gave a thousand dollars he was her friend and a manager at this Mexican restaurant. Where the family often -- Rowland says he told miss Martinez he would not commit murder but knew someone who would instead of calling that hit man he called the cops. He not only showed the police the -- and in cash but -- fuel other things he said the young white gave them. A copy of her husband's work schedule a description of this car. Even a family pictured -- make sure they hit man got the right guy what's more. He taped a phone conversation where she allegedly told him -- good place to carry out the murder. The parking lot behind his fire station. Even warning him about the location of security cameras. She wanted to be done at -- where would look like it was work related. And detectives say mrs. Martinez was -- a big hurry to get this done because she said. Her husband had recently noticed some money was missing from the family bank account and suspected she might be up to no good. She has not yet entered a plea. And faces up to life in prison if convicted.

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{"id":15884390,"title":"EMT Allegedly Tried to Hire Hitman to Kill Husband","duration":"2:54","description":"A Texas mother is accused of trying to have her firefighter husband killed.","url":"/GMA/video/emt-allegedly-hire-hitman-kill-husband-15884390","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}