Eric Stonestreet Gives 'Modern Family' Sneak Peek

Star of hit ABC show discusses his character, singing at Country Music Awards.
4:19 | 11/16/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Eric Stonestreet Gives 'Modern Family' Sneak Peek
Eric stone street -- four star of modern family -- -- like this -- of being a morning show -- I like everything. About it except the time that you have to be here to do it. I think well I'm up early in Los Angeles but one still in LA times so I was here at. I was of the 3 this morning my mom mom -- my body said. At least your character -- though he would show up yet he would be here ready hair done and equipment at loafers polished shirt press and ready to get ready to roll you are ready to go last week -- to actually see available. And you know and you were so terrific in the opening monologue yet it was so reverend Jerry I loved it you know I loved being there it was such a great time I was only bummed that I didn't get my notes. I was it was so surreal to all the sudden pop off a plane and then be in a small room with. Brad Paisley Carrie and with such nice people need to be singing with them and -- playing his guitar. I wanted to sing better than I do -- stricken doesn't think he did pretty well pretty much of redeem yourself -- -- -- -- -- The news. Yeah. Last part was okay but not -- like the chancellor will -- is that. Songs by Randy Travis is one of my favorite songs Everest is I'm known. You fool -- Fuller ever in the end there hey man. You know -- -- As long as old -- and sit and talk about who answered that's right. -- -- -- -- -- -- All -- the DK country music that you have got 1410 -- and its friends not to present -- inherited that -- for -- and. How good sense good times but we didn't get the seed modern family last week because -- preemptive but we get to see it tonight is all new episode tonight and so far you really think this is a funny I love it you know the KM insists he can drive a truck. To help out the -- of the family on the show. -- house burns council -- organizes. Everybody to get together and get the new things for the home -- finds a house have been the least. And camp wants to help out by driving this big box truck and -- doesn't think he can do it. That's a perfect setup for this -- modern -- company. Attackers who often -- no no no -- come too far have you. -- they don't -- -- -- this restaurant you -- -- illegally congratulations sir here destroying America. -- -- -- -- is -- up all the time. We have such a great time on the show we we love -- an -- of each other and and doing -- -- we take it very seriously -- I know it would be very surprised by. How serious we are about making people laugh so those -- the easiest one to crack down there. Collins -- laughs alive and what I'm always amazed by Sofia is she'll say something wrong immediately know she didn't pronounce the word right. And then her eyes are just filled with -- that it appears -- right off the baton. Whether the great dvd that's coming up we have a lot of carry -- we have out of -- we mix we have but I outtakes on the dvd that are really funny but we have we we crack each other. You know something that I know is very important to you about the -- I think one. No not the last summit site -- -- -- stand at the camp yeah you're you're always very good about things like that something that's very important to you about Thanksgiving and making sure that everyone. -- -- -- your part of feeding America -- feeding America's teamed up with kept abysmal this year and they're kept abysmal gonna give away two million meals. This year to people that need them hot meals. And it's very easy for people to help out -- you have to do is go to FaceBook dot com back slash pepto bismol. And white like Turkey and when they like he turned yes that's easy like I Turkey -- -- when they likely Turkey -- those gonna give eight meals for every life. So the goal is two million meals and now -- it's a great opportunity I know we all like to give and sometimes we can't. This is a simple way to do it home thank you very much.

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{"id":14963172,"title":"Eric Stonestreet Gives 'Modern Family' Sneak Peek","duration":"4:19","description":"Star of hit ABC show discusses his character, singing at Country Music Awards.","url":"/GMA/video/eric-stonestreet-modern-family-sneak-peek-14963172","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}