Escaped Chimpanzees Cause Havoc

911 calls provide a terrifying look into a public emergency caused by animals.
3:00 | 08/04/12

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Transcript for Escaped Chimpanzees Cause Havoc
This morning, the 911 calls that provide a terrifying glimpse into a public emergency involving a pair of escaped chimps. These animals may be cute. They may be our closest relatives. But they're unpredictable, ferocious, and seven-times as strong as a human. Ron is back with this story. On the audiotapes, you can hear the fear in the voice of the people who called police after seeing, and in some cases being threatened by the two rampaging chimps in a residential neighborhood. They're wandering down the street. They are dangerous. Bring shotguns. I'm serious. They are wild animals. Reporter: They were two, large, adults chimpanzees, terrorizing a las vegas neighborhood, for more than an hour. You said they're chimpanzees. Yes. They're chimpanzees. Reporter: Police yesterday released the 911 calls from frantic onlookers, fearful for their lives. They're outside. They're in the front yard. They're in the front yard. Will you please get somebody Reporter: The chimps, a male named buddy, and a female named c.J., Had been local celebrities, appearing at local events, where people pay to hold and be photographed with them. On the morning of their spree, they battered their way out of the 800-square-foot compound they shared behind a private home in northwest vegas. Neighbors say one chimp reached for a car handle. Another banged on a police car. I know these animals are dangerous. Reporter: Eventually, the 150-pound male chimp was shot and killed when he veered toward a crowd of onlookers, which included several children. The female was sedated and is in the process of being relocated to a chimp sanctuary in oregon. Lawmakers are calling for new laws that would ban people from keeping most dangerous animals in their home. Back to you. As we were discussing, they look so cute. But they really are very dangerous. Seven-times as strong as a human. They had a permit to have the animals. Ron, thank you.

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{"id":16928516,"title":"Escaped Chimpanzees Cause Havoc","duration":"3:00","description":"911 calls provide a terrifying look into a public emergency caused by animals.","url":"/GMA/video/escaped-chimpanzees-havoc-16928516","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}