Extreme Hot Tub: Whirlpool Hanging Off a Bridge

Photos show a group of people in hot tub suspended from a bridge.
1:24 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for Extreme Hot Tub: Whirlpool Hanging Off a Bridge
-- -- On the -- I in this called it a dream project what is this exactly will corsets suspending yourself from a jacuzzi. Dropping from a bridge when the highest in Europe in -- 600. Feet from ridge to river so this group of point five of course. -- spent twelve hours assembling. The GQ and assembling on the platform on the platform -- had a different jobs some pre heating water which can be others lowering Clarke. It's about the platform putting it altogether in mid air some one -- 500. Man hours spent. Yeah because He was to a lack I think back NFL for a -- accent who won this one has got to do an exam. No sure way to -- bald Eagles -- Did you see the sharks -- I'm -- at what they tell me why in the world I know I don't know that hot actually you know what I'm told the control -- have special surprise for us. -- sorry -- didn't want to zoom -- yeah. After dark and I thank you say what do you want to help you really really really really here is really.

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{"id":14736249,"title":"Extreme Hot Tub: Whirlpool Hanging Off a Bridge","duration":"1:24","description":"Photos show a group of people in hot tub suspended from a bridge.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-hot-tub-whirlpool-hanging-off-bridge-14736249","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}