Extreme Nails Are the Latest Fashion Trend

Check out some of the wild new techniques salons are using for manicures.
4:08 | 12/05/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Extreme Nails Are the Latest Fashion Trend
Now we moved to the hottest new trend -- that -- extremely nails from high fashion patterns too -- animal inspired looks. You get Manny Patti that will be the talk of your holiday party. And yards in a special contributor Melissa right -- checked amounts and even tried a few of -- -- herself -- -- give us the scoop. Key Iraq now I you have to be honest because when it comes to me getting my nails done I eat there. Don't OR I stick with neutral colors but for this I ventured out of my comfort done to see what today's hottest now -- are. And I have to be honest one of then literally made me crawl out of my skin. Here's to come a long -- from the date of basic trends and Traci mutual's. Fingers are now -- increasingly fashion forward looks from coast to coast. Right -- -- out hopefully they can help me out. I found -- -- and when I paid a visit to the head to tell us a -- and Dallas. What part of women. He's seen that coming in and getting the designs are they younger they older -- -- kind of all over. The laughs mostly the younger you know wanting but their arsenals you'll be getting nailed the court today. I have -- -- A big inspiration and what's -- Nelson wants comes straight from -- on -- This year's hottest trends and -- and -- are influenced by what strutting down -- catwalk and gracing the pages of -- They gave me any -- -- for example. That's right snakes get -- -- -- a big splash at this year's fashion shows. Sculptor -- designers took note and came up with a manicured -- real -- -- When you first -- on actual customers -- first reaction was the and then they -- let me see that. The -- -- take about two hours to complete since nail technicians painstakingly cut -- just makes -- -- perfectly matched his sizable is -- Think carefully at play piece by piece by piece -- conscious women we talk to you at New -- -- -- case alive. Senators also are well worth the -- -- and the price tag the manicures cost about 100 dollars and I love half that looks so lost I am waiting to being proposed still. The hope is that obese -- like snakes get Medicare when I'm wearing a diamond ring. The snake skin isn't the only catwalk inspired -- trend that's gotten a big thumbs up this year. In Los Angeles many hearsay -- -- -- at a news rage inspired by the Italian nineteen that's made the exact an art form. The missing any meals allowing him to -- two -- -- colors then let the manicurist take care of the rest creating one of -- kind -- -- also gaining -- Nails. We are using pheasant feathers there also -- New Guinea south feathers in nontraditional colors army -- army grounds those all very hot right now. But the latest can help -- -- -- all about what's on the runway they're also about the season. And with the holidays upon us their special you'll tightening any -- trends that are sure to turn heads at holiday parties. Excited to get into the spirit of things and let the -- do their holiday magic. Within an hour beat treating gift -- my teeth in three -- less. Perfect for the holiday party circuit and not so outlandish that I -- -- the look every day well. What do you think that -- bad day at the office. And you can't see that I today several holiday -- for my first time you adventure out of the new Charles. I am really cute there's lots options a bet it does come at a slight price tag and all the looks that we -- -- don't -- a -- -- the holiday. Is probably gonna cost you about 75 to -- hundred dollars. Permeated here while still and -- not for every day but definitely for special occasions and -- I hope tomorrow to see you listen snakes get on -- -- of course we -- a little bow to the -- top box. Well -- paint and I have a daughter and so of course they came home with -- on finance and it came up with an amendment. Well we -- coolest mom -- -- -- -- Melissa write properly thank you so much.

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{"id":15087095,"title":"Extreme Nails Are the Latest Fashion Trend","duration":"4:08","description":"Check out some of the wild new techniques salons are using for manicures.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-nails-latest-fashion-trend-15087095","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}