Extreme Saving With the Cheapsters

Get all the details on the innovative ways some young people are saving money.
3:32 | 01/30/12

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Transcript for Extreme Saving With the Cheapsters
-- tracks the crazy but innovative way some young people are saving money to get through these tough times it's a whole new -- for -- harsh new reality. ABC's UNG Denny's has details of this very radical belt tightening. Like who want to college guys will top -- that yeah constantly. Just as soon. Pizza coffee fatal -- talent. -- hush puppies sandwiches. -- -- And UPS. You don't pay for any -- we'll lose on addition to eat for free for an entire year at 21. Poster child for generations sheet millennial -- grown up with recession debt and historical unemployment. And who aren't -- -- similar. You know seeing if I can live off the land. -- the jungle on. Chapel Hill he showed us how he does it taking me to -- breakfast. I feel embarrassed to just go there take flu. That's exactly what they want the campus is full of free food events like this will never goes hungry he's the first to admit being this thrifty has its drawbacks. How do you have like let's say a lot life can you date when you are -- -- As and the big thing. When I did -- asked on dates I therefore ask senators -- and here -- what we're doing. When I was in college -- really think about the future what's different. We're just surrounded by this. Story. More and more economic crisis. -- -- needs first saving in for savvy spending. And -- have -- on his country. -- Richardson is another 21 year old consumers that's survivalist mentality. The Utah State University junior stores most of its food on campus. That's because there's no bridge at this place. Eight months ago buried -- apartment markets. -- this is your house. Com. Right here is -- are usually sleep this is my -- we got up here drying got a little soaked in last storm. Took -- he had his tent -- Tyson I have to get creative and managed to convince -- No rent no utilities no paint the living is cheaper -- -- received a lot of money aren't. Thousands of dollars. Eric is -- -- he was featured in -- start ten -- painters were. Battle it out an online reality contest worth signs today crowned the most frugal -- -- -- Eric -- dumpsters. Completed an Iron Chef that cheap edition and -- -- -- fashion. I think this will become a real defining moment for this generation. And will impact you know how they manage their finances in the future. That's UNC it's dinnertime wills just wrapped up -- campus tours and is grabbing some free food from the reception. I'm looking good will and so many twenty somethings are living with less and liking it. I. House -- my parties from. Being able to drive a nice car and have a -- TV. All -- sort of things you know live I'm appreciating. The types of things that he can come allotments for free. Call them the free generation. For Good Morning America -- Sudanese ABC news Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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{"id":15471094,"title":"Extreme Saving With the Cheapsters","duration":"3:32","description":"Get all the details on the innovative ways some young people are saving money.","url":"/GMA/video/extreme-saving-cheapsters-15471094","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}