Facebook Investors Flee After First Earnings Report Since IPO

With revenue growth falling, Facebook shares tumble.
1:05 | 07/27/12

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Transcript for Facebook Investors Flee After First Earnings Report Since IPO
Let's go to john. We begin with the big story, a lu low for facebook. Just another indication in the trouble in the overall economy affecting all of us. "Gma" weekend anchor, bianna golodryga is here to explain. Good morning to you, josh. This is the first time we've heard from mark zuker bird since the disastrous ipo two months ago. Revenue growth is falling and that's a big concern. When it comes to the future of the company, we learn that half of facebook users are now logging on to the site with their smart phones and blackberries, the company has not figured out how to maximize profits through mobile advertising. As a result, facebook shares tumbled 10% overnight. In may the company was valued at $100 billion, today it's more like $65 billion. On a broader scale. It's not just facebook that disappointed investor, companies from starbucks to amazon reported weaker earnings, trigging that the economic slowdown is finally having a real impact on american businesses and consumers here,

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{"id":16868045,"title":"Facebook Investors Flee After First Earnings Report Since IPO","duration":"1:05","description":"With revenue growth falling, Facebook shares tumble.","url":"/GMA/video/facebook-stock-sinks-investors-flee-earnings-report-ipo-16868045","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}