Faith Hill's Country Music Return!

The country music legend returns with some new tunes.
3:52 | 11/07/11

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Transcript for Faith Hill's Country Music Return!
At the country's music world buzzing not only of the CMA awards this Wednesday -- one of its biggest superstars Faith Hill is back and a very big way. At the little tidal -- into the family. Got a chance of visit with them for a primetime special that will air on the eve. Of the -- -- -- tomorrow night. Six years since -- last number one hit. Mississippi -- Dominated the awards show. Mega star status with songs like. Yeah vote. And here in her studio faith -- and country music six years away. Is a long time to pressure to get something out there. Is enormous and really as we did have not had a studio record on radio for six years. You know basically. -- Chris -- and. It's not like they've been sitting around these past six. Sunday Night Football -- days. Five years running. Released a greatest hits album. -- little milestone. In marketing. Well cameras. Sophisticated. Gear went through -- You are not and don't want to weren't associated -- who took about okay. A whole night waiting in the bigger than being -- You don't mind resigned husband Tim McGraw. That day here yeah. Superstar couple say they agree to become barbies put their three daughters safe kids love the morning time. -- has been in have been making this record he's been. He's been -- -- -- This vote is spectacular. Here on their Tennessee -- faith in him just celebrated a milestone. Reserved for a few music stars. Fifteen years of marriage. I was your report from talking. To them. And I remembered something that he -- about you know and I wonder if I want to play every again. You know has -- -- the most beautiful. Girl in the world and in this in the coolest person ever met she doesn't get that at all. Now all that's sweet. Aren't you living and -- -- at night when she said something nothing. Street yeah. Hot together and it and it just as I see him I loved I loved my husband -- you really didn't have my opinion -- that I don't know I just. I may just love him I mean sometimes and dragging nets and I drive and -- and time OCD and -- -- he's like. Just eat immediately -- in the immediate that's the -- -- that he makes so we're very we work differently back. I don't know I still I really melt when I see my husband. I C -- -- and electric. So this does up up up up what I do and IA. I wanna be with this man. For him. Before my life. Okay.

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{"id":14896460,"title":"Faith Hill's Country Music Return!","duration":"3:52","description":"The country music legend returns with some new tunes.","url":"/GMA/video/faith-hills-big-back-return-country-music-14896460","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}