Fake Politicians bystanders to Real Stabbing

Reality TV producer gets stabbed in house full of Political impersonators.
3:55 | 03/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fake Politicians bystanders to Real Stabbing
Okay here's the scenario take a house filled with the presidential impersonators. At -- a reality TV producer. Then a fight breaks out somebody gets stabbed another place is a very real crime -- so what happened here. Let's turn ABC's Dan Butler for some answers please I will try to shed some light of the situation of course as we know politics and get pretty rough and tumble and -- impersonators may have gotten. A little too much into character so what caused someone to pull a knife among these high profile political doubles. A fight about politics. Ultimate political line President Obama Sarah Palin and George W what. Impersonator. That is. Your famous faces put politics aside for the shooting a car -- Commercial and to film a possible reality -- were evident little party in the presidential suite -- little. But what happens when political knockoffs knock back a few cocktails course a big. TV brought inside -- Florida rental think producer Marcus fox the man behind Osborne's that's your good that there's news. And the newlyweds -- nice to know that it is says chicken. Had a verbal smackdown with Bill Clinton have been accused of a lot of things in that department that. I'm here it's just not your not the real -- 42 but this -- Tim waters. One of the nation's most acclaimed Clinton copiers manager dusting gold try to broker a peace deal between the two but eventually -- -- facing off with fox. According to police golden fox squared off the kitchen where gold allegedly -- boxed in the stomach with a kitchen -- What's gold just trying to defend himself his lawyer says absolutely. Fox was treated as -- to recover but. The case goes to trial. What a political parade of witnesses. We'll have -- looking at weddings -- -- Clinton start the ugly -- I come here tonight. As a mom about Michelle Obama she let the accused into the house that night. And where was your husband 44. He was reportedly upstairs sleeping I don't know what you're thinking and what about Sarah Palin -- -- slip off. The rope and I am most -- -- vice presidential candidate. I don't know I -- As with politicians even the fake ones it might be tough -- a straight and. While we spoke with the Bill Clinton impersonator. He couldn't believe what happened he -- first he thought the whole thing was just that a sick joke that was happening and he's hoping now that everyone would just. Forgive each other. And work out their political differences.

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{"id":15896546,"title":"Fake Politicians bystanders to Real Stabbing","duration":"3:55","description":"Reality TV producer gets stabbed in house full of Political impersonators. ","url":"/GMA/video/fake-president-involved-real-stabbing-15896546","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}