Farewell To Barbara Walters

Since 1976 Barbara has been at the helm of breaking news
1:00 | 05/16/14

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So what's the part. Looking back of all of this that's the most vivid as -- part of it for me it's getting that oh later. The -- getting ready for -- -- You if you -- -- line. -- -- and I am a natural beauty aren't pegged as the main island on the fake eyelashes. -- -- -- -- And then -- got. -- -- eyewitness. So are -- excited. I'm ready to go. Capital group. I just have to say -- you cannot help until. Part of my pleasure -- it didn't -- much. Human and non objective that I talked with the faction. And admiration for --

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{"id":23757275,"title":"Farewell To Barbara Walters","duration":"1:00","description":"Since 1976 Barbara has been at the helm of breaking news","url":"/GMA/video/farewell-barbara-walters-23757275","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}