Are Your Fashion Choices Killing You?

Experts say forgoing comfort for fashion might lead to health problems.
0:56 | 02/22/12

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Transcript for Are Your Fashion Choices Killing You?
As you get dressed this morning ask yourself this question what is more important. Looking good we're feeling good because as you squeeze into those skinny jeans that feel like sausage casing doctors say danger lurks when clothing tax. Yeah this style conscious have long suffered for fashion -- you're just Tuesday we spotted Beyonce in these ankle for us. And how could you forget that dazed and confused skinny jeans struggle. But a new medical report shows they're could be real danger working amongst your designer duds take your skinny jeans for example the slimmer the better rights. Maybe not. Turns out in -- I -- leg against this sensitive nerve in your opera die it's a temporary condition called -- -- appeared prophetic gospel concurrent. According to one study skinny -- have also been linked to digest your problems like heartburn an abdominal discomfort. Even blood clots in the legs from all the restrictions. So how do you now appearing genes jeopardy. Comments that you have to be doing any independently and guess. Where this. -- -- this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- offenders include bodies lingers in today's highways did -- -- belts. If -- worn too -- to compression can cause nerve problems and terrible stomach aches. Academy Award nominee Octavia Spencer found out the hard way at the sag awards after piling on not one. But three pairs of its banks I was -- -- -- compensate had a downloaded at the globes and I thought of hair at the island is little. I'm gonna go for three I right after that I let -- ever do it again this. And how about those sexy high heels if you keep wearing and -- two inches or higher because really aren't sexy conditions like onions numbness -- even fractures and especially if you've never tried them long before buying an -- wearing a high heels and -- Harris. Our own nick -- discovered this firsthand while reporting on heal injuries the primary not just saying this and make it about a story about panel. The way -- for a moment longer that's absolutely. Terrible. I love you -- but will any of these problems stop us from being slaves to fashion. And probably knocked. And -- yeah. I mean let's -- tech offensive where you look at how all the -- running to. And we do have a warning for men out there ties since they don't you clean is often as other clothing they're breeding grounds for infection and Robin even -- I know about the onions and not. Fractures in the feet. Look what I learned and I look at those bad boys can't help it when he came strutting out but play of the day we all -- alive and I I wish we could see what's under -- you're just as bad words. So we have to move on now yeah.

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{"id":15764889,"title":"Are Your Fashion Choices Killing You?","duration":"0:56","description":"Experts say forgoing comfort for fashion might lead to health problems.","url":"/GMA/video/fashion-choices-killing-15764889","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}