Family Saved After Plane Crashes in Caribbean

Father and daughter are rescued after their plane loses power, crashes into sea.
2:31 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for Family Saved After Plane Crashes in Caribbean
Now to that amazing rescue at sea a plane carrying a father and daughter from Florida suddenly losing power crashing into the water near the Bahamas the -- narrowly escaping. Thinks of the pilots fast thinking and the rapid response to the Coast Guard ABC's Matt Gutman is in Miami with much more on this good morning Matt. -- good morning Robin the -- Laughlin its father and daughter piloting their own plane took off from Miami and a clear day -- on a medical mission to Haiti would suddenly disaster strikes that. Oil pressure in the plane plummets the engine -- to a stop and suddenly they find the -- plummeting towards the Atlantic. Salvation came with a neck snapping juror and -- it and it. And I mean we slammed forward. -- headed the dashboard. This hair raising video shows 25 year old -- McLaughlin and her father Richard in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Being rescued from this single engine plane. We'd still filling its giant NASA designed parachute a doctor -- -- was on his way to Haiti to help with the cholera epidemic their mechanical failure cut the trip short. Coast Guard lieutenant Thompson and -- on happened to be on a cargo mission nearby became over the -- says -- engines has quit. It's all quiet now they turn -- race towards the crippled plane just off Andrew silent meanwhile this father and daughter are in serious distress. The most frightening thing from -- is seeing the -- Frozen. Motionless in front of a plane that's in the air their parachute descent looked something like this demo will be similar model plane. Not a deadly free fall but still fall -- -- -- 25 miles per hour. And then we hit the water hard. It goes 55 miles an -- it's not and incidental collision -- pounded. Pretty good. They survived the crash only to face. Possible drowning -- filled up with water quickly that was scary too because through the doors are closed but you know it just comes in the sense -- and -- -- -- -- -- waist -- They managed to scramble out onto the wing and then into a life raft -- first holding onto the parachutes court. And as the Coast Guard rescue plane circles overhead where there was a parachute and airplane -- -- -- waving. Minutes later helicopters arrived. Rescuers -- them out of the water really really impress -- guys. I really like the Coast -- and get distorts the very next day that. Couple medical team heads back to Haiti of course this week marks the second anniversary since that devastating earthquake. -- 300000. People left a million and a half homeless so certainly their help will be much appreciate their tuition continues.

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{"id":15327993,"title":"Family Saved After Plane Crashes in Caribbean","duration":"2:31","description":"Father and daughter are rescued after their plane loses power, crashes into sea.","url":"/GMA/video/father-daughter-rescued-plane-crashes-caribbean-sea-bahamas-15327993","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}