'Mantiquing': Refurbishing Junk With Dad in Mind

Lara Spencer reveals ways to score inexpensive tag sale buys to transform into Father's Day gifts.
3:27 | 06/12/13

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Transcript for 'Mantiquing': Refurbishing Junk With Dad in Mind
It's time for our series, in time for father's day. We have the super bowl of flea markets. We have a mission to find great pieces I could remake with your men in mind. Father's day just around the corner. Today's mission is mantiques. Cool, affordable vintage finds with a masculine twist. I enlisted my friend, david, the king of mantiquing. Right now, it's some sort of wheel. Industrial. But it will be a hanging light fixture. Very cool. Reporter: All you need to make this light fixture. A wheel -- light socket. Reporter: A chain. Extension. Reporter: And a cool lightbulb. And this a few steps, this wheel becomes the perfect mantique. Ooh, ooh. I'm going in on there. Look at this masculine chair. Another surefire way to your man's heart, finding a throne to relax in. Do you think this is a diy project? I think it's a diy project for sure. Reporter: The frame is good. And it has good bones. You can work with upholstery, changing out the grouping. It's definitely old. This chair is solid mahogany. But the webbing has to go. Good-bye, rope. This is usually hidden in an upholstery job. I'm celebrating it. It feels masculine. And it reminds me of the rope that was there. And no mantiquing mission is complete without the unusual sporting equipment, that you can find just about anywhere. You get these old rackets. You don't need to take the strings out. You can get a mirror cut. That's a great mantique. Reporter: The old rackets, $5 each. And the mirrors, $10 apiece. And the result, priceless. Here are the results. This is our first mantique. Old sporting equipment. You can give a prepy look. Thank you, david. He's my mantiquing partner. Come on down. Our industrial light fixture. You see things like this in high-end stores these days. And this cost us next to nothing. And the only tool you used was a drill. We got some edison bulbs. Look for these pieces. You can find them at flea markets and yard sales. Here's our chair. Every man deserves a great throne. This is it. And it looks really neat. It's inside-out. There it was, as it was broken, gnarly rope. Now, here it is. The webbing is the star. David, we thank you. Everybody, check out other do it yourself father's day gifts on goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo!

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{"id":19381626,"title":"'Mantiquing': Refurbishing Junk With Dad in Mind","duration":"3:27","description":"Lara Spencer reveals ways to score inexpensive tag sale buys to transform into Father's Day gifts.","url":"/GMA/video/fathers-day-gift-ideas-mantiquing-refurbishing-junk-dad-19381626","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}