Final Presidential Debate 2012: Polls Show Obama Won

The president and Mitt Romney debated foreign policy issues.
3:00 | 10/23/12

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Transcript for Final Presidential Debate 2012: Polls Show Obama Won
ryan just ahead. And 14 days to go. "Your voice, your vote." And jake tapper is in boca raton, florida, with all of the highlights from last night's feisty debate. Jake? Reporter: Good morning, amy. That's right. Pundits and flash polls give the victory to president obama in the third and final debate, with everything on the line. The president clearly set out not just to burnish his commander in chief credit on the debate stage, but to discredit mitt romney's. What we need to do with respect to the middle east, is strong, steady leadership, not wrong and reckless leadership all over the map. Reporter: The president played that card repeatedly. My first job as commander in chief. Reporter: Romney seemed more cautious, with a modest goal of passing a threshold, not scoring a knockout. Attacking me is not an agenda. Attacking me is not talking about how we're going to deal with the challenges in the middle east. Reporter: At times, he suggested his views were not much different than the president's. A line that obama underlined. I'm pleased you're endorsing our policy. I'm glad that governor romney agrees with the steps we're taking. It sounded like you thought you'd do the same things we did. But you'd say them louder and somehow that would make a difference. Reporter: Romney praised the president right off the bat for giving the order to have osama bin laden killed. I congratulate him on taking out osama bin laden and going after the leadership in al qaeda. Reporter: Perhaps romney hoped that could take the issue off the table. It did not. When you were a candidate in 2008, you said we shouldn't move heaven and earth to get one man. Reporter: Romney did score some points. Describing the unrest and chaos in the muslim world as evidence of obama's failures. Using vocabulary worlds that were google searches. Tumult. Reporter: And lambasting the policy tour in the middle east. Saying that the u.S. Has been dismissive and derisive. We have freed other nations from dictators. Reporter: But the most talked about and tweeted line of the night, came as the president criticized romney for saying the u.S. Naval fleet should be larger, lecturing him on the military. We have fewer ships than we did in 1916. We have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military's changed. We have these things call aircraft carriers where planes land on them. We have ships that go under water, nuclear submarines. And so, the question is not a game of battleship, where we're counting ships. Reporter: Horses and bayonets, now a line republicans are using to paint president obama as anti-navy. For romney, perhaps the strongest moment, george, came when he talked about creating jobs in the u.S., Pivoting from the subject of the debate. And of course, both candidates will be talking about the economy and jobs in the u.S. In this last marathon dash, 14 days, in about 8 or 9 battleground states. And the foreign policy on the economy. We're going to turn to the running mates. I sat down with joe biden and

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{"id":17542822,"title":"Final Presidential Debate 2012: Polls Show Obama Won","duration":"3:00","description":"The president and Mitt Romney debated foreign policy issues.","url":"/GMA/video/final-presidential-debate-2012-polls-show-obama-victory-17542822","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}