Get Financially Fit for 2012

7 easy ways to improve your financial health in the new year.
4:21 | 01/05/12

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Transcript for Get Financially Fit for 2012
-- am Tory Johnson it's and new year and that means everyone wants to save more money it's funny -- so we've got some easy tips on how to do just that. Nicole lapin of recession east dot com is here to help us plant our financial house in order that is a tall order and -- -- it's woman I've hopefully again meet up. It's great to see you at the -- it's of the -- say it. Be willing to invest in yourself and don't apologize for that don't apologize. Foray in -- in the small things whether it's let's stick or a lot -- don't beat yourself but you don't want -- go. Into the new year feeling like you are going to tackling your financial health all in one false move and no it isn't -- like you mentioned is -- take it slow. But -- -- some small indulgences don't go after the big things like the big -- you could be spending remember everything in moderation including moderation. Are right next you say auto see candidates -- use aim is to not have the option of spending -- in the first place to set aside. Some automatic deductions from your paycheck to save. Hopefully you can cast out the waters and see. If you have enough to spend for all of your bills the first month and you can ramped up as the year goes along right good when you don't Fiat said there it's not that -- exactly exactly. Honest to take advantage of a virtual financial advice do you have to -- read -- to have a personal financial -- -- -- personal apple dot com is one site and that will help you get your financial -- together -- -- -- -- tie it at like that -- at number four. Organized about our finances -- a lot of people this is probably like the hardest place to focus because. It's one of those things you just think about that to get organized scenes like just mind boggling and difficult yeah. In -- mind boggling typical can be helped with quick and with about ten dollars lets small investment but it will get -- Organization and in high gear right off the -- -- you can and spend all of -- Money allotted for your bills and you can do it all online which actually is a great in the long run it Torre -- -- actually spent up to about fifty dollars on homestead for all of your bills over a year or so that's a good way to start coming from the got out. Absolutely every little bit counts and I think one of the most empowering things you suggest is to. Negotiate to get bit better -- who could feel fabulous when they're able to do that I -- I would settle lists and just spend an hour and collier. Big companies the cable bill that Internet build bone bill. Call them and an outnumbered discount house -- you're actually in the right plan for yourself it's gonna take you just a little bit of time that the worst thing you can -- Torre is no Steve -- battery I gotta say from personal experience. You know 5050 I'm I'm I'll take. -- absolutely absolutely are. Honest and now all our school our. This is very empowering as well because you wanna go into the new -- no way write off about what your credit score is because -- will tell you how -- purchasing power you actually count for the bigger things additional schooling new car and new home. See you won't have that in the back of your mind as -- moving forward you can Condit. Just in the -- -- Arab swimming around whether you want to make a big purchase or not or if you can't or if you need to improve. It's -- -- yet don't barrier head on edge and switch to catch on the weekends and -- this know it you're going a hundred bucks over the weekend just get it out and perhaps it's harder -- spend the -- -- money than it is to keep on -- for the cats in the Bard as in that movie isn't what -- -- you're doing so take allotted amount that you're going to -- rather it's twenty dollars and that's. That's really get Torre if you wanna go get another drink you can't edit no -- you don't of the cast against them but not really gonna help. -- when you're aligning a little bit of time for you know those. Fun things those indulgences that you you know -- necessarily. Have money to -- That's the best -- Abrams on -- -- -- equipment oh absolutely and as always you can -- so much more money advice from Nicole and her website access -- -- dot com and don't forget you can get exclusive shopping deals only for Good Morning America viewers from me every Thursday on GM.

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{"id":15298494,"title":"Get Financially Fit for 2012","duration":"4:21","description":"7 easy ways to improve your financial health in the new year.","url":"/GMA/video/financially-fit-2012-7-easy-ways-tips-improve-financial-health-business-15298494","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}