Fireworks Over For Perry and Brand

Couple calls it quits after a tumultuous year of marriage.
2:29 | 12/31/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fireworks Over For Perry and Brand
High profile celebrity couple who will not be ringing in the new year together British comedian Russell Brand of pop star Kate Perrier calling it quits. After just more than a year of marriage NBC's Tonya Rivera's here with the story and unfortunately it -- a lot of people saw this coming. Yes that's quite sad beyond penalize people saw this coming -- fact -- being. Apparently blind sided Katie. It came he filed for divorce almost two years to the day after his romantic proposal in India on New Year's Eve of 09. One of Hollywood's hottest couples is now cold. And it was Russell Brand who made it official in papers filed in LA Friday brand cited irreconcilable. Differences. And in a statement he said sadly Katie and I are ending our marriage I'll always adore her and I know will remain friends -- Lead with something that's been discussed did she know that he would draw up papers during a holiday right before New Year's Eve I think that -- was a big surprise. Trouble was clearly brewing the pair spent Christmas apart Perry frolicking in Hawaii and brand in his native England. Neither wearing a wedding band. Still as recently as this month and -- shot down separation rumors on the Ellen show. And you didn't do his part -- the -- yes. I'm. -- -- in July the multi platinum Harry -- needs to be on the -- -- about her marriage privacy is really important especially in my personal life with my husband and I. And we just cherish it so much iris a -- now married happily married man less than they have key. So what went wrong. Was it carries demanding schedule as a rising star while brands paint flat -- or they're very different backgrounds. The former gospel singer was raised in a devoutly Christian family. And brand has a hard partying past as a noted -- Mario. He was a very odd figure when surrounded by her very strictly religious parents he would make jokes all the time that would push those buttons. Still just one year ago he told Nightline's bill we hear he was happy to put his wild ways behind him. I think I was growing up anyway you average selling the companion of friends that is the most know what I should -- -- And of course that is a relationship that has now sadly ended something that Perry's close circle of friends are apparently not upset about it seems many of them thought. Perry and brand were not a good match.

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{"id":15264827,"title":"Fireworks Over For Perry and Brand","duration":"2:29","description":"Couple calls it quits after a tumultuous year of marriage. ","url":"/GMA/video/fireworks-katy-perry-russell-brand-15264827","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}