Fixation: Singing Donkey

"GMA" hosts share their favorite content from this week.
2:40 | 02/05/12

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Transcript for Fixation: Singing Donkey
And tools Super Bowl Sunday edition of vaccinations they'll be distracted by the chicken we have things we have a rate environment and I. I don't matter right here. The avenue SW yeah video taken by the Schuler family on the moonlit oaks ranch in Florida and -- -- up there and donkey. They call -- donkey -- -- -- yeah. He's thinking -- That what he does. Singing -- -- consider myself. Rest hit hard after months of -- -- survive now he's eight years old unhealthy because they just started play music they had no idea that is he has. -- don't -- believe them to. Wednesday Canada are hanging in there yet here I am with UK we have to go to across the pond next it did this story Elizabeth says that -- hasn't candy shop. Name the corniche candy shop and a dog named -- and Wrentham are everyday but here's -- took him to see -- anger at. No idea what do. I'm very ran -- I wouldn't tell it ending there -- in daily telegraph and -- other pest species level of the man you can't finish your rotten. Animal story -- out of Thailand -- this morning and the other well there's a blossoming here in California. If you wanna get close to an elephant got -- -- carefully this guy wants to touch the truck and yeah we've really cinematic trip as a have you got a lot of talk a lot of smack down. Has hardly ready we think he's -- we did -- yeah. It's -- -- happening that is not animal related news that at first I thought this is really just kind of silly but -- actually actually my opinion it's a little bit. This he has. A group who -- is doing an eighty's classic. By -- hot just listen protect them. -- I mean I'm. -- -- -- -- -- North Korean people nor real place for you get punished for not morning. Within. -- area enthusiasts and -- -- -- quite touching the drink yeah at a beauty and humor out of North Korea. By the way if you wanna send us a fixation you can do -- -- --

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{"id":15516849,"title":"Fixation: Singing Donkey","duration":"2:40","description":"\"GMA\" hosts share their favorite content from this week.","url":"/GMA/video/fixation-singing-donkey-15516849","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}