Flash-Flooding Overnight in Colorado: At Least 1 Dead

Homes collapsed and roads were turned into rivers after overnight flooding.
3:28 | 09/12/13

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Transcript for Flash-Flooding Overnight in Colorado: At Least 1 Dead
Let's get right to that flood emergency in colorado. Days of heavy rain, contributing to mudslides right now. You see all of that water right now. Raging water. They overrunned the college town of boulder. We have a picture of it rushing through and on to the roads like that. Sam's been tracking it from the very beginning. It's unbelievable the rainfall totals in this area. You start on wednesday. It rains all day wednesday. Gets increasingly heavy by wednesday night. The official total of about six inches of rain. Some people are saying unofficially eight inches of rain. You have beautiful waterfalls in the colorado area. We have pictures of foot bridge s turned into waterfalls. Streets, roads, highways, interstate, all closed dawn because of what's going on. The word in the boulder area right now is don't leave your home unless you're in a threatening situation. They're working on water rescues. They're working on trying to get closed roads open. But boulder creek, which runs right through that area. Generally, one or two feet. Wednesday about 4:00 a.M., It jumps up to seven feet. It doesn't jump up to two, three or four feet. It's seven feet. That's just in the creek alone. Put all of that water through the streets and roads and you have an issue there. Here's the pattern. You have a low right here. A high right there. Uh you're picking all of the moisture for the pacific and atlantic. Until it gets into that area that's running right through boulder and sit there's with the rain. There's the denver area. Our clayton sandell is right there standing in the water. Good morning, clayton. Reporter: Good morning, sam. It's been pouring all night. It's still coming down. Some areas have gotten as much as six inches of rain in a few hours. And look at this. This is boulder creek. It runs through the heart of downtown. It's normally seven to ten feet lower than it is now. But check it out. It's completely overflowed its banks. Over there, you can see the water is nearly at the bottom of that bridge. These floodwaters came on fast. And they've already turned deadly. Holy . Reporter: This morning, boulder county, colorado, is under water. Torrential rains causing flash flooding overnight. At least one person has died from the floodwaters in the mountain community of jamestown. With the water and power lines, it's not a good picture. Reporter: The roads, dangerous, if not impassable, with mud and rockslides across the country. U.S.36, shut down. Officials are ordering mandatory evacuations for jamestown and fourmile canyon. In boulder, firefighters are rescuing homeowners and their pets. If it comes down, which we've been told it's pretty dangerous, it might, we're in trouble. We're praying that it stops. Reporter: At the university of colorado at boulder, floods are gushing over structures, completely surrounding college students with raging waters. What do I do? This is serious right now. Reporter: And one of the other problems making flooding this worse, is just upstream in the mountains there was a wildfire a couple years back. There's little vegetation or trees left to hold the mud in place. So, the water comes roaring down like a freight train. A current emergency, active emergency situation. There's four dams we know of in the area. And none are guaranteed to hold back this water that continues. Thanks. We're going to get the

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{"id":20232606,"title":"Flash-Flooding Overnight in Colorado: At Least 1 Dead","duration":"3:28","description":"Homes collapsed and roads were turned into rivers after overnight flooding.","url":"/GMA/video/flash-flooding-colorado-extreme-weather-leads-death-20232606","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}