Flash Floods, Tornadoes Hit Texas and Midwest

Sam Champion and Ginger Zee report on extreme weather in the South and Midwest.
2:50 | 03/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Flash Floods, Tornadoes Hit Texas and Midwest
A new round of severe weather in the south more twisters overnight now. It's instant flash floods -- millions still in the storms and ginger -- is in the middle of -- all but first let's get the very latest now. With Sam. And we can finally call a lot of spring storms Josh Robin because spring just happen but look at that -- goes all the way from the Mexican border well to the Canadian border and the powerful storms are still kicking -- warnings this morning. Dallas with a College Station San Antonio right in the middle of -- all the heaviest rains in that zone from Oklahoma Texas more than six inches of rain in some cases in just 24 hours and we know these rivers are gonna jump 51015. Summer forecasted to jump. Twenty feet with all that water collecting over about three days and then you've got this long line of storms with three tornadoes reported in Texas -- well nothing more frightening than a nighttime rain -- line of tornadoes -- Jersey isn't DeVine Texas just outside San Antonio this morning good morning gender. Good morning sandy good morning everyone and standing in front of what was Charlie's ice house -- a local pub. Where folks were actually trapped inside when -- tornado hit last night. Part of -- -- right here at least 75 yards and debris stretching up and down these streets southwest of San Antonio where they were hit hardest. This storm system that we were tracking all day and chasing. Is now heading east. -- Were on the horizon. Just before on that as a tornado ripped through divine and the dean at Texas just southwest of San Antonio leaving dozens of people trapped in their mobile homes -- up -- hit the ground. So where's my wife were screaming and debris was hitting us Medina County officials estimate that at least fifty homes were damaged forcing at least fifteen families into a local community center the storm so powerful it knocked over this eighteen Wheeler. In northern Texas flash floods washed over Dallas where over a half foot of rain was dumped and dumped quickly. The strong line of storms leaving nearly 151000 people without power. Rescue teams were called in to save this vote from high waters. Sixty mile per hour winds sent another eighteen Wheeler on a diet and -- the -- Right off this restaurant destroying more cars than opening magnetic. Period of a few seconds -- we weren't there as the storm began developing Monday riding along with -- tenor and the Storm Chasers at TV and weather dot com. Starting in Oklahoma where flash flooding submerged this car but not its owner. And lightning sent sparks flying from a weather radar at the University of Oklahoma. This is just the start of what is the beginning of of very busy season. We'll learn so much more as the sun comes up here in San Antonio but for now -- had back to you with a great news that there had been several injuries but none critical.

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{"id":15959599,"title":"Flash Floods, Tornadoes Hit Texas and Midwest","duration":"2:50","description":"Sam Champion and Ginger Zee report on extreme weather in the South and Midwest.","url":"/GMA/video/flash-floods-tornados-hit-texas-midwest-15959599","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}