Florence and the Machine Release New Album

Singer explains thought-process behind creating her second album, "Ceremonials."
1:33 | 11/21/11

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Transcript for Florence and the Machine Release New Album
Lawrence and the machine to save money that's been out this week and I shared did a brand new album out it's called ceremonial -- available in stores and online. We're gonna get the latest single off the album since the minute but first let's check in with Florence -- strike back. Along -- sure yes hands what did you learn from that album that you brought to this one. This it was an -- to make this in this -- -- whole. Things and I think the pest problems and experiments in what's different styles and -- this morning that whole fountain. An awful album what's the connection some spiritual it's got soul and you -- the music -- the vocal -- -- the personable to degrade on this one but it seemed like you. You gave more space for -- These guys men and women who never -- about love and within a few bad in the Pacific took pleasure to do that -- have a real and it's -- and it. -- offended the Latin music and men. And Pamela Anderson -- when you're with us for the summer concerts -- at the big crowd here. -- -- -- you -- after we did yeah. -- -- -- style as well America and here to. They had a great time that confidence will be shown that it hasn't found out any time.

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{"id":14997685,"title":"Florence and the Machine Release New Album","duration":"1:33","description":"Singer explains thought-process behind creating her second album, \"Ceremonials.\"","url":"/GMA/video/florence-machine-release-album-ceremonials-14997685","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}