Marching Band Hazing Investigated

Authorities say hazing is to blame for a member of the marching band's death.
2:06 | 11/24/11

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Transcript for Marching Band Hazing Investigated
-- would turn out of the hazing scandal currently engulfing Florida a and M university authorities there say that hazing was involved in the death. Of a member of the university's marching band ABC's Matt gotten. Has the latest on the investigation. Just hours after. -- pageantry the Naples Florida in a marching band on the field. Also picked. Allegedly brutal hazing ritual which investigators say left 26 year old drum major -- champion dead hazing case. Was involved. In the events. That occurred prior to. The now along. Call for assistance police and former band members tell G -- -- Champion was likely forced to walked through a gauntlet of -- it all happened on the school's charter bus after the team's game in Orlando Saturday. Champion was reportedly vomiting and said he couldn't -- Before he collapsed and then died I think compare him. -- -- -- -- -- -- The job according to the Orlando sentinel a mother of a band member warned the school about hazing. As recently as September she wrote hazing started the very first week of band can't. So what did the school do. Was enough done to stop this instance in which a man was killed. I haven't seen. Any evidence. That has tired. Hazing you've got to his death. Casey he's hardly new to the morning and can't visible in 20015. Band members paddled markets Parker so brutally. He's kidneys shut down. In 2004. He was awarded a landmark one point eight million dollars in -- simple battery case he and the fallout has begun the long time marching band director Julian white. With flyers -- but the problem is nationwide. Clinton paddling into branding -- do you know eating in broken glass crypt it says every year. Hundreds of thousands of students suffer such -- -- Good Morning America Matt Gutman ABC news.

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{"id":15022823,"title":"Marching Band Hazing Investigated","duration":"2:06","description":"Authorities say hazing is to blame for a member of the marching band's death.","url":"/GMA/video/florida-a038m-marching-band-hazing-investigation-15022823","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}