Florida Judge Caught Lying About Relationship With Prosecutor

Ana Gardiner was found guilty, disbarred after lying about her relationship with Howard Scheinberg.
3:00 | 06/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Florida Judge Caught Lying About Relationship With Prosecutor
We're going to start with disorder in the court, in Florida, a former judge crossing the line. She lead about the personal relationship with a prosecutor trying a case in her court. Now she's paying for it with her career. Bianna, a death penalty case no less, exchanging almost 1500 texts and calls over the course of the trial, now it's the judge who's facing judgment, disbarred for life, found guilty of not disclosing a personal and emotional relationship. Former judge Anna Gardner was tearful in her testimony to save her reputation and career about lying under oath about a personal relationship with the prosecutor. Nothing has ever interfeed with my job because they has been my life. Reporter: That doesn't keep the Florida supreme court from disbarring her. Considering her dishonest conduct during the trial in a death penalty case, we conclude that disbarment is the -- he blew the whistle on the relationship, allegeding they talked about the trial when they were together. It was revealed in court documents the pair exchanged over 900 phone calls and almost 500 texts, even on the day Gardner sentenced him to death. The court ruling his failure to disclose the relationship tainted the entire legal process. He was given a retrial and is now serving life in prison. This isn't the first time friendships have formed in the courtroom. During the infamous O.J. Simpson trial, Marsha Clark and Chris Carden got extremely close. Now the prosecutor that she had a relationship with, is serving a two-year suspension. So sfl you would think they would be more discreet. The man was retried. 900 phone calls. That's a lot. They talked a lot. They did.

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{"id":24045815,"title":"Florida Judge Caught Lying About Relationship With Prosecutor","duration":"3:00","description":"Ana Gardiner was found guilty, disbarred after lying about her relationship with Howard Scheinberg.","url":"/GMA/video/florida-judge-caught-lying-relationship-prosecutor-24045815","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}