Florida Primary: Romney Opens Huge Lead in Polls

David Muir reports on the latest in the Republican primary in Florida.
2:30 | 01/31/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Florida Primary: Romney Opens Huge Lead in Polls
Now to the crucial vote in Florida happening right now your voice your vote ABC's David Muir -- -- right now tracking the latest. In this race good morning -- we know the polls are open. They have opened just as we come on the air here Robin and as you know this -- -- fight to the finish here in Florida governor Robbie -- to his supporters in the final hours with crowds like these. I'm beginning to feel like I'm -- win this but even with a huge win here for -- does not guarantee in this nomination quickly. This morning voters -- to polls here -- bruising battle Newt Gingrich desperate to convince conservatives his opponent. Is simply moderate Mitt Romney is eager to turn -- commanding lead into a knockout punch. Oh beautiful for spacious. Is -- amber waves haranguing. And overnight our judicial competence here is Florida fortunes. Mitt Romney -- sang America the beautiful residents simply were cited for huge crowd outside Tampa. The real performance came -- -- whirlwind tour of the state. Romney often targeting Gingrich in the -- finish here. I know the speakers not real happy speaker Gingrich he's he's not feeling very excited these days he's. I know it's sad he's been flailing around a bit trying to go after me for one -- -- the other. Here in Florida Gingrich faced a much tougher Romney in the debates -- that new debate coach -- is a term like that. Gingrich has also been slammed by the spending from Romney and his allies outspending Gingrich and his supporters please twelve million dollars -- In the final hours before the primary even amid reports he's now running low on campaign money he would -- this too our Jon -- it's -- matter what happens here you are just getting started. We're just getting -- Also overnight an unexpected reappearance. Texas governor Rick Perry back in the race -- for Gingrich a nude was the true conservative. Fiscal conservative. That also has the ability to operate in that shark tank of Washington DC pretax between the two -- been especially punishing here and this morning there's a new indication many voters simply don't like it or the Republican choices. A new poll of Republican voters shows 52%. Since the GOP field is fair or -- That's an 8% increase in the number of voters -- of the same thing just a few weeks ago. And so the polls are open here this morning you've already got speaker Gingrich vowing to fight on through the convention. A protracted battle already a bruising one -- which explains like so many Republican voters are still unhappy with their GOP field they are -- David thanks very much.

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{"id":15477886,"title":"Florida Primary: Romney Opens Huge Lead in Polls","duration":"2:30","description":"David Muir reports on the latest in the Republican primary in Florida.","url":"/GMA/video/florida-polls-open-romney-emerging-frontrunner-15477886","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}