Woman Vanishes After TV Show

Florida mom disappeared after a battle with her ex-fiance on the courtroom show.
2:42 | 11/21/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Vanishes After TV Show
Police are searching for a Florida mom who disappeared just after battling it out with her ex fiance on the reality show. ABC's -- governor's latest on whether the program triggered the disappearance good morning Matt. Hey good morning George for four straight day. Hundreds of volunteers will congregate here at this command post using as a launching point to search for Michelle Parker. Hoping to determine whether her disappearance was simply an uncanny coincidence perhaps a carjacking. Or whether that stormy court TV appearance. Holds the key to finding her. -- -- seems like any other -- you've been settled on the People's Court -- dress and you're suing your former fiancee Michelle Parker. For 5000 dollars in statutory maximum for which this morning could be key -- -- -- -- mysterious missing -- he gets pretty malicious and vindictive and he's a mean person especially when he's been drinking and a window into the stormy. And sometimes violent relationship between the -- Parker and ex fiance dale Smith. The father of her three year old twins should -- put his hands on Manny shouldn't have just. Put his hands on me prior kind. Expressing my camera on the ground it's -- pain. A hell of a roller coaster ride and -- poison that episode taped months earlier -- on Thursday just hours after the episode first -- The 33 year old mom vengeance and -- coincidence -- -- -- always possible that any time you. Have a public display of animosity between two individuals in a relationship it's going to exacerbate the problems between those two individuals park. -- was last seen around 2 PM Thursday dropping her kids off -- Smith's home about two hours later her brother received a short text from -- But she never showed up for her 6 PM bar tending shift -- hasn't been seen scenes. Then on Friday police found her black SUV near in Orlando mall she rarely visited and on Saturday -- -- for ex fiance is home. And a nearby field. I'm mad it's somebody took her. It is doing this to her mark gamble. Hundreds of friends and volunteers have turned out to help search Walker's family said they believed Smith was not involved in her disappearance. For now they're desperately focused on finding. My -- out -- everybody searching. And then let's -- we find -- -- -- -- -- you may try to contact that ex fiance dale Smith he would not comment. And at least they're still saying that he is not a suspect today that search. Focuses on finding Michelle Parker missing cell phone that my vote. Could hold the key clue to perhaps finding her.

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{"id":14996696,"title":"Woman Vanishes After TV Show","duration":"2:42","description":"Florida mom disappeared after a battle with her ex-fiance on the courtroom show.","url":"/GMA/video/florida-woman-vanishes-peoples-court-appearance-14996696","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}