Flying High With Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard

The new film "Red Tails" tells the story of the Tuskegee Airmen.
7:23 | 01/13/12

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Transcript for Flying High With Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard
Movie it's called -- red tails it's about the Tuskegee airmen who broke the color barrier in the US air force during. World war two and as justice said this is a story that hits close to home for me that is -- that -- colonel Lawrence B Roberts. And he was Tuskegee airmen and so I am thrilled to have two stars red -- here this morning Cuba Gooding junior and Terrence Howard. Good morning to you both gentlemen -- -- love this film -- really do have I have to I have to say you know I have pictures of my daddy. It's right here with -- -- and. I was fortunate that I got to hear these stories when I was young did both the -- and we ever taught anything in school about the testing your listeners. Same name nothing in school but my father was so after -- center -- have wanted us really know where we came from. But I thought the -- tells really represent the planes. I forgot that it represented the young man those were the rented -- -- it's an amazing thing with the account. And they covered the tales read on the plane so they could distinguish themselves when they refine the wickedly you know you're and they. 1995 HBO movie of the -- that did you know anything about. I was I was so frustrated and angry when I read the script for just keep him I don't know that they were black five -- -- -- know that was. -- if you think about it I was talking to Tony three just finishing my education. So you think I'd be like oh yes of course at Tuskegee haven't -- To know. -- -- but that's why it's so important when I saw the film I gotta have make sure the kids get a chance to Simpson and Terence -- year character just -- my -- A colonel and you should something very interesting you said that your character colonel bullet is like them -- the king junior and with that with his day coming up. On Monday how do you see the relationship well because. Colonel Bullard who -- -- Basically. Taken from Benjamin -- Davis and did you -- Davis where he did it. He would go down to the Pentagon and he would argue on behalf. Elements they'll give be given an opportunity to participate. He ultimately. Integrate the military. Which led to integrating the -- of Birmingham. Integrating Mississippi in integrating the rest of America can come -- the civil -- That's right and we're gonna play a clip that this illustrates that end in a moment but then -- replace clip from you first. With your character because you have to show the Tuskegee airmen blew a little tough love their fillets are for themselves right thinking and well you know it's -- -- Given flavor of the movie -- -- I'm not making a movie about victims and making it about heroes so we you know we wanted to establish the relationship that these men had. Amongst each other with their commanding officers. And the spirit they had to do what was necessary you know during the war. And when you saying George -- George Lucas -- fiesta witness says yes this is it a little bit Everett ten. -- -- -- -- sign up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're colored man in the white man's army to miracle you're flying fighters in Italy and not -- the trees in Milwaukee. -- -- you feel otherwise any you want to wash ourselves out. -- -- please do so. But I have yet the next thing smoking back home to make room for the men who want to stand and fight. We're given hand me down planes. Ordered to attack targets that have already been bypassed. -- patrols where the enemy hasn't been seen for months. Now -- done every low down dirty job you've handed us hoping that we would just limp along and go away. We will not go away. We have a right to fight for our country the same as every other American. So you shut us down. None of my iMac and look at -- yeah. Bob but some -- -- Got people aren't you know -- Alabama football team yes they saw the film and they went out they shot out Allah issue that's right national champion. Today ourselves apparently was so nervous of those like I hope they win and that's -- -- Death and I had money on the game. -- not just yet about it get on YouTube and what does he get that kind of art and that's why it's so important to have children see this in your own children have seen -- right. Well no my two sons and fifteen and seventeen -- -- and next week but. No to that one didn't see this finished product and -- the little mad at me right now because everybody around them think I know you see the movie -- -- -- -- we have. Leaders have parents some of the -- product you. Me my youngest voters who sit there and tears that ceremony -- so. He had moved into the if they were his -- -- they think they think is the best word that he's ever done but he'd be beaten his kids. Yeah I don't go to. About candidates who watches his movies and stuff you know -- candidate or anyone else on -- anything. So you all have a special screening. At the White House. This man president Barack Obama watched the movie in a few hours today today yes run away from here straight to Washington DC. Yeah you know and I want to -- quickly you you were saying about the education of the Tuskegee airman. George Lucas is so passionate about the story that he actually created a documentary -- double victory. That will be airing this weekend on the History Channel because the movie -- you see it you know its amusement park ride is -- entertainment but. But he wants to make sure that their legacy is upheld and respected so he's been here he put that I think. Does -- realize that -- tells us like popcorn movie it's -- it's a good ol' fashioned you said you better be sure you're in your seats early because the actions. Is furious -- it's it's wonderful that you're going to the White House tonight in 2007 they've received the Tuskegee airmen the congressional. Metal from. There in Washington. Metal and then President Bush. The commander in chief said I know that you lauding a lot of respect. As commander in chief I salute you that was my moment my daddy wasn't with us -- but that was a real moment of showing respect for -- that -- that was. George H bush and watched it over top court -- and he was delighted. I mean just. He was exhausted at the beginning of the movie. About an hour and a half into it he looked like six year old exuberant and you know watching the food and borrow from Harvard tears -- -- -- traditional hand it's a beautiful opportunity to see something like this applicants. It's a great American store that's right. Thank you all for doing and I talked to George Lucas this week we're gonna have interview with him -- good and the young actors who play the Tuskegee airmen that's coming up on -- winning on all. -- you yeah. Yeah. I don't laugh out loud. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm out.

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{"id":15353555,"title":"Flying High With Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard","duration":"7:23","description":"The new film \"Red Tails\" tells the story of the Tuskegee Airmen.","url":"/GMA/video/flying-high-cuba-gooding-jr-terrence-howard-15353555","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}