Is It Better to Forgive a Friend or End the Friendship?

Sherodd Small and Lauren Conrad debate whether or not dumping a friend is a good idea.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Is It Better to Forgive a Friend or End the Friendship?
So we asked this question today. When is it time to dump a friend how far is too far I didn't sure we've all been through this moment -- -- hotel on the today -- With a right -- for the now it's because of this article from the daily now the writer says that she was dumped. Or she have -- countless friends with zero regret. She calls for women to be more ruthless and less emotional when it comes to female friendship but it hit batter to -- or just cut the cord and move on. That seems a little extreme I don't think why is it just might recognize this is -- Shouldn't be you're not gonna make it gender neutral we have two guests in to help us do just that he's. One of our favorites here host of other web series car and driver she a reality star and fashion designer respectively Chirac small -- -- Okay. Okay. Okay. Sure you have I mean that seems it did not seem a little severe you know you gotta get rid of -- sometimes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hit here still hang -- the dudes with the high school with so you -- them some time but you can't hang out with -- My I am not old friends of the past friend's -- my best friends -- for the kids going to grade school you don't get to see him all the time Brett Keisel you don't need to that's the beauty of -- old -- at the Lincoln teacher have been picked right up come what was formed friendships that I don't have the few people. What do you -- you would like idiots are you sort of exit is exactly can't handle the drama what's your take on -- -- -- too much I think we I have always believed that it's better to have like a small group of really good friends. Phan a ton of friends there is sort of apparently I think I immediately concentric circles of friends like you haven't nicely can inner circle and yet you have the people's abundant -- you can fall into it and I think it. It's uncertain how long been friends these I think -- just sort of trickle trickle trickle. Pull out from from the inner circle but don't find a way that you don't need to as we get older you don't need to be in Constant Contact and that the real friends you just pick up. Right where you left -- I think that's something nice about a friendship -- you know if you -- really busy you're hearing just kind of caught up possibly you can check in with someone you haven't spoken to may be a month and there's no guilt there's no like I haven't heard me right -- -- his -- I'm just happy to hear from the area that hasn't yet doesn't another aspect of -- So over you give the more you want to get away from people yeah. When you're younger but we're all going to all the other little old hands. He rolled his legacy that -- -- also -- column idea. -- your inner circles how did. But in a circle and -- -- Gloria -- -- more than one visible on the -- it's like my girlfriend. My cousin. The dude who would do dark things let's just. -- -- that's another -- the impact as well the impact of a significant other that you didn't. I -- I I have come to find that if your friends don't like who you're beating him. Probably you've probably made a bad choice is going to be a problem one -- Lauren dated we broke -- because frankly. But I have not that's a huge that the sticky wicket when friends comment about your relationship -- -- your point forget the fight -- your friends like yeah I hated him and then when you get back together. Yeah -- -- yeah that's what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's just don't see how when you when it's time you just know it's not working how do you do -- do -- is an empty conversation is a break up or is just. Move on I think it's hippies out you know you start picking up like every other -- -- yeah. I don't think so under -- they like him breaking up we feel like we're dying I think -- you know and a lot of things that take -- -- -- -- just. That's separate to -- some of them you got out Hansen. You get a sense just think this. We don't analyses done some great things I'm -- talked to about -- -- everybody's got a great ride he really didn't become a good terrific designer tells a -- -- -- about I guess I'm its travel beauty and shopping and it's -- there only for recent past sec cause from reprieve and it sat I'm really sad about it all the that pens and fabrics and designs and they just came out sound very chic and I love you -- -- and using so we want to thank you for being here and I think a lot. When fashion runway can -- -- see -- next controlling for friends. -- -- Coming -- look at the coming -- weekend at a comic strip live and you watch the YouTube show that launches today do you is going rightist thugs subscribe subscribe subscribe. And we subscribe to you always my friend. Okay. Okay.

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{"id":17162223,"title":"Is It Better to Forgive a Friend or End the Friendship?","duration":"3:00","description":"Sherodd Small and Lauren Conrad debate whether or not dumping a friend is a good idea.","url":"/GMA/video/forgive-friend-end-friendship-17162223","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}