Selling Rare Toys for Big Bucks: Tips

Travel Channel's resident toy-fanatic Jordan Hembrough reveals tips to cash in.
3:00 | 08/13/12

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Transcript for Selling Rare Toys for Big Bucks: Tips
Not your order child's play. Our next guest is a toy fanatic. He brought me a toy from battle star galactica. He's jordan hembrough. Searching for the rarest toys like this. Turning them into a huge profit. What do you say? Let's get them out here. Yeah, jordan, come on out. Hey, jordan. Hey, we were doing -- whoo! We both are very fashionate about childhood toys. They are both great memories. Many of us keep them. What you don't know, not only are they sentimental, and mean something to you, they might mean found money. That's what jordan will do for you today. You have quite a collection. Can we play? Take time to play. I want to start with teddy ruxpin. These are great toys, one of the biggest phenoms of the 1980s. This one still has his box. If you have one of these floating around in your basement or attic. You're looking at $75 to $80. Is having the box critical? Having the box is key. It pretty much doubles your value. I'm done. We have "bat man." There's no dark knight thing happening here. This is like adam west, biff, pow, burt ward -- and a thermos. And the thermos is key to have. The thermos is key to have. Everyone loses the thermos, you're talking about doubling the value. For this lunch box if you have one in your attic or basement you're looking at almost $400. Do you believe it in. In your attic. Basement, what if I brought mine to work today? I'll go check your dressing room. Quickly, darth vader. This is unbelievable. One of my favorites when i grew up. Darth vader, star wars is really, really popular. If you have some of these throating around. You have some good money. This particular one can sell upwards of $500. George lucas -- put all of the money in the merchandising, smart guy. We have guests -- yes, we do. We have an erector set. Ly hi, liz. Liz brought her erector set of. And -- tell her what it's worth. Classic. 1970s. Still in the box. It has the catalog tag here, sold through sears and roebuck company. Is it complete in. It's not complete. Do you know how much you paid for it? I do, I have the original receipt. I look a look at it. It's worth $50 to $75. Don't get rid of it. Steffi, you have a couple of dolls. Look at this. MICHAEL JACKSON FROM 1980s AND He's doing the moon walk. This one is really, really popular. It's a thriller outfit. Together in the boxes they're worth anywhere between $57 to $90 for the pair. Nicely done. They will accumulate in value. Michael jackson stuff is going up right now. Hold on to it. And kate, what do you have here? Beautiful, oh, barbie. Yay! 1962, barbie collector case, normally they made square, rectangle. This is a round one. Is that more desirable? Yes, you're talking anywhere from $75 to $100. Wow. Hang on to that. That is so fantastic. All right. Hey, we thank you so much. Finally, what are josh's star wars -- I brought a couple things too. These are ones that the missile did shoot at you. They took them off the market. They did. Which is great for collectors, right? It was. Theically didn't go along with safety standards. For the pair of these you're talking anywhere from $75 to $80. Come after me, nobody is getting them. For for tips go to the website, "gaa."Com.

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{"id":16996165,"title":"Selling Rare Toys for Big Bucks: Tips","duration":"3:00","description":"Travel Channel's resident toy-fanatic Jordan Hembrough reveals tips to cash in.","url":"/GMA/video/found-money-selling-rare-toys-big-bucks-16996165","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}