Four Dead in France Shooting

A gunman opened fire outside a Jewish school.
1:21 | 03/19/12

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Transcript for Four Dead in France Shooting
-- -- that fatal shooting in France a gunman opening fire in front of a Jewish school in Toulouse. Killing four and at least two more children have been injured ABC's -- -- -- has been tracking this as a breaks what can you tell us -- Robin the shooting began just as school started just as parents we're dropping their children off to this Jewish school. The shooter rolled up in a scooter and quote shot at everything he saw that's according to one witness the victims include a thirty year old and his two sons ages three and six as well as another child aged eight. Now president Nicholas Sarkozy has flown down to do lose and he's called this quote and -- Pauline tragedy and today the city is in lockdown and police are frantically searching. For the killer who escaped on that same scooter. Now we know that there have been other shootings in that town neck the mysterious nature let -- say. Our authorities -- there could be a link here. They're -- this -- the third shooting in this area just in the last week and a half last Thursday a paratrooper. Was killed and about a week ago two soldiers were killed authorities say it's too early to tell whether definitively all of these shootings -- -- but they say that one of the guns used today. Is possibly if not the same exact gun. There was use last week -- some tense moments there -- all right NIC thank you.

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{"id":15952121,"title":"Four Dead in France Shooting","duration":"1:21","description":"A gunman opened fire outside a Jewish school.","url":"/GMA/video/france-shooting-dead-toulouse-jewish-school-15952121","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}