France's quick response to security incident

ABC News contributor Matt Olsen breaks down the country's response to the incident at Orly Airport.
1:58 | 03/18/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for France's quick response to security incident
C news contributor Matt Olson an expert in counterterrorism joins us from our nation's capital Matt good morning T Craig and so clearly it's not good that the suspect was able to grab this particular soldiers and god but what can we really determine from the security officials quick response. Well you know really was quite. A quick response by the street officials the main thing I think is that. You have since. The early attacks in two point fifteen you have thousands of special forces officers deployed at places like the airports in France. Who are highly trained. And prepared for instance like this and I think we see now that how that training pays off. By the how fast they were able to respond to this particular incident. Funny pick up on that the fact that there are soldiers at the airport the first place speaks as you just mentioned that I heightened sense of security in France and in Europe generally how is this event likely to impact. The state of alert in this region. We of people in France I actually across all of Europe already are on edge we've seen. You know this spate of attacks over the past two years two major attacks in pairs and in the attack just about a year ago. At the Brussels airport all linked those attacks linked two basis and to do is Syrian civil war you know prices has called for. Coordinated attacks across Europe so. This will clearly be looked at in the context of those other attacks there's a lot we don't know still about this. But that's why I think you see security fort forces taking this so seriously right now there. Torture particularly. Vulnerable given the fact that there is that there is that layer of security before you get to the gates before you get to that layer. Is this an area where people can make mischief as we've seen in Belgium. That's exactly right that's who we saw in Belgium is that this was outside the security layer that that attack occurred with arms and small arms so it. There's people there these are soft targets that's right. Forces in France have deployed these special forces all over all the repairs. Matt thank you.

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{"id":46221649,"title":"France's quick response to security incident","duration":"1:58","description":"ABC News contributor Matt Olsen breaks down the country's response to the incident at Orly Airport.","url":"/GMA/video/frances-quick-response-security-incident-46221649","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}