'GAA' Deals and Steals: Calendars, Snacks, Nail Polish

Tory Johnson reveals incredible deals on back-to-school products and makeup.
3:00 | 08/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GAA' Deals and Steals: Calendars, Snacks, Nail Polish
-- Tory Johnson -- of deals and some -- only for good afternoon American viewers. And these things go like hotcakes so right now I'm begging you to log -- to the site GAA dot Yahoo.com. You get the codes and you get the products because they go they go they go and away we go. We -- our -- dot com is the largest online selection of counters and they have a huge assortment back. Back just stuff so this is a great way to get that not only your kid but your family in order right now they range from only a dollar to 65 dollars or slashing that in half but didn't know. Okay. I got under a dollar resign immediately -- accidentally yeah I don't know what you got for that but how will business. -- -- -- -- It isn't nurtured me start I have -- -- this is dried organic baby including a finds it and a whole foods target babies. 48 -- -- yeah. What's amazing -- you can put just water any to have immediate. Okay. Yeah. -- out okay. Yeah. Dollars or 60% -- these -- great. It is our strong innings eating and boy they Philly Obama got. I'm eighteen ritzy amazing company that makes -- is little sandwich -- did not great for snack. Acting to put it to kid's lunch boxes or afterschool snacks especially with good good that parents like that that don't need to be re hydrogen -- yeah. Yeah. These are range it priced as a huge assortment on -- web that these enterprise depending -- gets from ten dollars 200 dollars while also slashing the expected deep sense of starting -- -- -- Not talking -- think the -- that Nicole Kidman has that Taylor Swift -- To get those crowds typically -- half that certainly crunchy kind of curling your hair out or you have super free his rent your hair ripped through -- top and -- you get it. It's not about and that's -- -- and on -- and -- unbelievable sent these four products we'll help you to have soft beautiful girls like the superstar. Yeah it may make you literally forty -- at ninety dollars and getting -- is that they use a lack lasted happy. 22 to forty -- Be ready yeah. It's EO wants these -- -- it now because there are -- is right everybody saying yes good luck fighting the staff -- Want you guys. You get it sure is -- is that he's in kind that sounds blending it in Victoria back Donna everybody else wears. There is -- -- luck opening -- instead of 42 dollars 21 dollars. Okay. Yeah. She is the great -- John. -- you're absolutely region.

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{"id":16979696,"title":"'GAA' Deals and Steals: Calendars, Snacks, Nail Polish","duration":"3:00","description":"Tory Johnson reveals incredible deals on back-to-school products and makeup.","url":"/GMA/video/gaa-deals-steals-calendars-snacks-nail-polish-16979696","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}