'GAA' So Not Junk: Pearls

Seth Gold and Ashley Broad help fans realize the true value of their so-called junk.
3:00 | 08/17/12

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Transcript for 'GAA' So Not Junk: Pearls
this is one of our favorites "good afternoon america" segments. It's all about uncovering cold, hard cash that might be hiding in plain sight. Say it with me, time to say "so not junk"! That is by far the best -- ourducers along with seth gold from "hard core pawn." Three people will leave with junk worth a little if not more. We won't tell you now, they're listening. Joining us from ""hard core pawn" seth gold and ashley broad. I'm completely fascinated when I watch your show. I rue the days I start throwing things out. I like a lot of guys had baseball cards. I'm sure mom threw away them from the attic. I was a huge collector as well. FROM THE '80s AND '90s. Most of the cards were massively produced. A lot of those aren't worth a lot of money. The ones that are, are limited editions. Through the audience, we saw some interesting things. Let's get to it. Johnny, is there a johnny, get up here. Johnny [ cheers and applause ] johnny, what have you here? What did you bring, johnny? I have government collected coin -- stamps, rather. Johnny, it sounds like you have a phone call. That's an alarm. You might be alarmed when you find out the value. Is this your whole collection or do you have more at home? No, I have like 150 of those. It is plated in 22 kraerarats, they are limited edition. If you have the entire collection, you're looking at about $500. do you remember what you paid for all of these? They actually was my mother-in-law's. That's a lot of money. That's even better. I like their faces. Their faces worth it. All right. Is there aylesia in the audience? Hi, alesia. I have an old diamond ring my mom gave me. This is beautiful. It has a great weight of over 6 grams, 14 carat gold with a beautiful emerald stone with about a carat, this is $1200. Congratulations. Thank you. "Oh, my god. Alesia, what are you going to do with that ring? Are you going to keep it or sell it? I think I'm going keep it a little longer. Is nikki in the house. Nikki. Hi, nikki. Hello, how are you? What do we have here? These are a pair of pearls that my mother had given me. Apparently my grandmother had gotten these from mallormallorca. Do you know anything about these? I no nothing. Looking at the clasp, the clasp is 14 karat. You also, I don't know if you know this, you have a quarter kraer carat of diamonds, g-color. I don't know if you know this. You actual I actually tell you how to test for pearls. You test pearls and put them on That's a pearl. What does that feel like to you? Is it? What does it feel like? Is it smooth or gritty? It was a little gritty. It's gritty. That's definitely 100% a pearl. If it slides against your tooth, it's not a pearl. They're not real. It's really -- okay. This also -- these also are 9 millimeter, which is -- these are from the south sea pearls. And these go for $2950. You're kidding me? Oh, I would!

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{"id":17029733,"title":"'GAA' So Not Junk: Pearls","duration":"3:00","description":"Seth Gold and Ashley Broad help fans realize the true value of their so-called junk.","url":"/GMA/video/gaa-junk-pearls-17029733","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}