'GAA' So Not Junk: WWI Infantry Rifle

Les Gold and Ashley Broad reveal true cost of "GAA's" stage manager's antique gun.
3:00 | 08/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GAA' So Not Junk: WWI Infantry Rifle
segments is all about uncovering cold hard cash hiding in plain sight. Time for you all to say it with us. Ready? It's "so not junk." I love, love, love it. Our producers, along with "hard core pawn." We found three people who will leave here knowing their junk is worth a bit more than they thought. A bit more. Joining us, lev gold and ashley brode. We asked our audience to bring in things. We have things that we ask, is it junk, or is it not. First up, victoria -- hey, we'll carry that. No, I will. I need to do something. Oh, gosh. I'll destroy your treasure. That is beautiful. Victoria, what can you tell us about this accordion? It was my great grandfather's from italy. He played it all of the time. Imental value? My brother plays it now. Lucky. THIS IS A 1950s ACCORD ONFROM Italy. When I looked ait, the issues are the bellows. Do you have any idea of the value? Back in 1950 it probably told for 100 bucks. Today, $650. Thank you. I guess this is a family heirloom, you're not going to part with it. But nice to know. I'll give you a couple hundred bucks for it. 300. 325. 650. 1 penny, $1. So, josh, you want to bring up our second -- no, no, no. It's your friend and not mine, our stage manager, scottie. Whoo! Thanks, buddy. Who, inexparticularly carry ace very large rifle. I love it, I love it. Do you know anything about it? I grew up being told it's a This is a 303 british. The cool thing about this particularite sem this little slide here. This thing -- when you purchase these now addae, this is a gun-cleaning kit they gave you with it. You put the rag through and clean it out. Do you have any idea what the value is? I have no idea. Where did you get it? My father gave it to me. It was a gift to him many years ago. It's a cool item. The stock is banged up from what you expect being in war. Right now, these guns are worth $1,000. Wow. Thank you very much. My pleasure. Scottie, now back to work. That is very -- finally, sandra is here, another beautiful audience member. What have you brought us? I brought a necklace, I got it since I was a child from my mom. This is beautiful. Are you geeing to do -- are you going to do your lit weight, with the scale -- first I'll weigh it for you. She's like a professional. Very professional. Does it have a lot of weight. It's stamped 750. When it's stamped 750. Right away I know it's 18 karat. This is worth $1890. Wow. That's what it's worth. Do you have any idea? Maybe $300, $500. Sold. You definitely have a treasure. And unless it's in my closet.

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{"id":16941664,"title":"'GAA' So Not Junk: WWI Infantry Rifle","duration":"3:00","description":"Les Gold and Ashley Broad reveal true cost of \"GAA's\" stage manager's antique gun.","url":"/GMA/video/gaa-junk-wwi-infantry-rifle-16941664","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}