Brangelina Wedding; Diddy on 'Idol'?

Katrina Szish, Rob Shuter discuss the latest stories generating buzz from Hollywood.
3:00 | 08/10/12

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Transcript for Brangelina Wedding; Diddy on 'Idol'?
for brangelina? The couple is now rumored to be tying the knot this weekend at their estate in france. And there's another big question out there. Will p-diddy be taking a seat at "american idol" at the judge's table. We're talking about the biggest stories right now. To help us, she's a columnist at huffington post, rob shuter -- all right. Rob. I guess my invitation got lost in the mail. Is it happening now? The french estate? This could be the biggest story of the year, maybe the last five year, rumor is brad and angelina are going tie the knot this weekend at their chateau in france. What sparked these rumors is the entire family arrived at the estate. This estate has 35 bedrooms. They could all stay at the house, so everybody is not sure about this. We don't know until mr. George clooney shows up. If you see george -- then we ♪ Announcer: Today on "the chew" it's $50 friday. Because the total cost of all the meals added together will cost you under $50. That's right from carla hall's cheesy cheddar chili quesadillas. To michael symon's crowd-pleasing bacon pasta. To daphne oz's chocolate banana dippers. And so much more. Even clinton kelly's setting a spending budget on his latest makeovers -- can you guess how much? And it all starts right now, on the chew. ♪ hello! Good afternoon. Thank you very much. Welcome to the "chew." I've got a pop quiz for everyone. What's better then a good deal? The answer? Nothing. Of course nothing. There is no show on television with more bang for your buck then this one today, because today we are making four dishes that can serve 30 people for under $50. okay, okay. Welcome to $50 friday. All right. A the theme today is $50 friday, we asked our audience members, if someone were to give you $50 right now what would you do with it. So we chose our favorite five. Somebody writes pastrami sandwich, a cup of coffee, and a cab up town. Who wrote that? Did you write that? No. We love that one. Somebody says, heidi says, I'd go to the bar ha-ha-ha. Where's heidi? Heidi stand up. Miriam says I'd spend it on my 70th birthday party. I hate to rain on bob's kid parade. My sources told me they're there to celebrate brad's parents' 50th wedding anniversary which is tomorrow. Boo to a 50th anniversary. Brad is so close to his parents. I can't imagine, all of my sources would think he would overshadow this huge milestone by having a big affair for he and angelina and really wouldn't want to ruin it for them. But, but, this could be the ultimate decoy, because it's counter intuitive. Why would they want to rain on the parents' parade. This is a perfect day to have a wedding. They wouldn't be the first. Remember when jennifer lopez got married to marc anthony. Iked for j. Lo at the time. She didn't even tell me that she was getting married. She invited 35 people at the house and told them they were going to have a cocktail party. And then j. Lo walked out in a wedding dress. And hey, this is going to be a wedding. Same with beyonce. Not only did they not tell anybody, they confirmed it two years after they got married. Maybe this is going to happy tomorrow. Very quickly, what can you tell us about p-dydy, sean co combs. I spoke with one of his workers who said it is very unlikely. The reason we're hearing is because of the money. Mariah is getting $18 million per one season. Diddy is going to want more, why? He's diddy. That would be a great combo, with diddy and mariah. We have 27 judge, and everybody has got any amount of fame to judge those poor people. I know you have to go, rob, you used to work for diddy as well. I got a crazy life. Diddy -- you need to come back with that for us, okay? You know what, now he's working for us.

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{"id":16979421,"title":"Brangelina Wedding; Diddy on 'Idol'?","duration":"3:00","description":"Katrina Szish, Rob Shuter discuss the latest stories generating buzz from Hollywood.","url":"/GMA/video/gaa-rumor-brangelina-wedding-diddy-idol-16979421","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}