First Game of the Post-Paterno Era

Penn State's first game since the sex scandal becomes an emotional moment.
2:44 | 11/13/11

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Transcript for First Game of the Post-Paterno Era
The first game of the post Paterno -- it was a close. Hard fought contest that -- will perhaps be remembered most for what happened when the ball was not in play including an emotional moment. From the X coach's son. ABC's Lindsay Davies was there for all of it Lindsey good morning to you. Good morning to you Dan it was a sentiment that was repeated throughout much of the day that win or lose. This was about much more than football this was about healing and even Nebraska was part of that process when they won the coin toss. They decided to let Penn State choose whether they wanted to kick or receive. Round of more than 100000. People. Field line. Penn State kicked off with a prayer -- both teams took it needed for the football game even started. I felt today didn't just maybe the healing process started to Begin. For the nearly 108000. People packed here at beaver stadium they know they are witnessing history. The first Penn State football game in nearly half a century. Without Joseph Paterno and but another Paterno was still president. His son Jay remained at his post as the quarterbacks coach once we got here and juices starting to flow one. -- -- and you know what that's what we've been trained. The way he was trained by his father who he delivered a letter with this message to the for the game -- -- wish you were here we'll have the football seemed like a mild departure from the tumultuous week. Penn -- It all started with the arrest of former defensive coordinator Jerry sandusky on child sex abuse charges. Then the firing of the university's president and Joseph Paterno the winningest major college football coach in history. And then it's ten states laws by three. Points in Nebraska. -- -- -- go -- -- emotions still running high many questioned the decision to even play the game. This was a time to play. But it was also a time when we could recognize. And bring national focus to the problem of of sexual abuse. And there was a sea of blue in this dance students who typically Wear white for home game. But blue is the color of child abuse awareness. Several investigations are of course ongoing but the governor of Pennsylvania says that he believes it'll be an investigation into sent Huskies charity the second -- What officials there -- Incidentally second -- records showed that people who worked for the organization. Actually had to sign paperwork saying that they never been suspected. Of child abuse.

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{"id":14942282,"title":"First Game of the Post-Paterno Era","duration":"2:44","description":"Penn State's first game since the sex scandal becomes an emotional moment.","url":"/GMA/video/game-post-paterno-era-penn-state-sex-scandal-2011-emotional-moment-football-us-14942282","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}