'Game of Thrones' Wedding Shocks Viewers

A scene from the third season of the HBO fantasy show might be the most violent ever shown on TV.
2:53 | 06/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Game of Thrones' Wedding Shocks Viewers
big fan backlash on "game of thrones." So many responding to the major and quite violent twist on sunday night were not giving anything away. Abc's david wright though has our story. ♪ Reporter: Full disclosure as we watched the red wedding scene my wife kept saying, something's bad is going to happen and spoiler alert, she was right. Boy, was she right. She and I haven't read the books but enough of "game of thrones'" 5.5 million have that some had the foresight to film their families reacting. Reacting in realtime to the horror. This will likely be a milestone in tv history. It was such a dramatic and memorable and surprising and shocking moment. Reporter: On morning tv we can't show you what they're seeing. Can't even describe it except to say all of the wedding guests from the stark family including the pregnant queen of the north get slaughtered on camera. It may well be the most violent five minutes ever shown on television. Even worse, the violence comes just as young arias is about to be reunited with her family. The actress who posted this posted this vine video. My brother and brother are dead. Reporter: Killing off lead actors has been done before. Charlie lived life to its fully. Reporter: Charlie sheen because of his contract dispute. Reporter: On the "sopranos" no one was safe. And even "game of thrones." Now the show's creator have outdone themselves. Hbo did not recall our calls. The producers commenting on this behind-the-scenes video only. This was an event that was not only from the books but was one of the primary reasons that we wanted to make this show. We thought that this was getting to the red wedding for us was such a major milestone. Reporter: Because of the bloodbath many fans are now saying they won't watch next week's season finale. Oh, you stupid show. Reporter: "Good morning america," david wright, abc news, hollywood. I want to go right to our resident fan, josh. Will you continue to watch? Of course, I will. I do want to say it was violent but, look, it's hbo but more than anything, it's "game of thrones." You know what you were getting, no one was safe for almost three season, no one has been safe and I have a feeling no one will be safe in the future. I'm amazed at how excited josh gets. I wish you could see behind -- it is a brilliant show. It is an absolutely brilliant show. We're glad you talked about it. Coming up a pregnant duchess

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{"id":19319333,"title":"'Game of Thrones' Wedding Shocks Viewers","duration":"2:53","description":"A scene from the third season of the HBO fantasy show might be the most violent ever shown on TV.","url":"/GMA/video/game-thrones-red-wedding-scene-season-shocks-viewers-19319333","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}