Garth Brooks Suing Oklahoma Hospital

The country-music superstar says the hospital broke its promise.
2:42 | 01/18/12

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Transcript for Garth Brooks Suing Oklahoma Hospital
Now -- Garth Brooks and his courtroom battle to -- America's beloved mother. The country music superstar sailing and Oklahoma hospital over what he says is a broken promise to name a new -- after his late mother. In return for half million dollar donation ABC's -- Davis has all the details forces when it went. Good morning Robin dressed in jeans and a black cowboy -- the man who famously saying about having friends in low places showed up for a showdown in court yesterday. Just like he warned in his hit song do what you gonna do. The eight. Country music star Garth Brooks is turning of the heat on his hometown hospital. Suing them over what he claims is a half million dollar donation gone awry with his wife country singer Trisha Yearwood by his side. Brooks showed up at court Tuesday to get his money back. -- three years have been taking this crap from. And now -- next four days I get to show that there's going to be it's going to be a lot of character exposed here. He says in 2005. He gave Oklahoma's integrys Canadian valley regional hospital. A 500000. Dollar donation after they promised to name a new wing after his mother Colleen Brooks. Who passed away in 1999. Brooks says hospital officials solicited him for two years he says even showed a mock ups of the proposed building with his mother's name. We offered a number of solutions a number of ideas we kept trying to move those discussions to a formal agreement. But Brooks -- lawyers say almost three years after he gave the money. The hospital said -- nation would be used for what integrys had earmarked the money for without further discussion it was. Always our hope that we would be able to help mr. Brooks honor his -- in the way that he intended you just don't forget what this is all that's I'm it's better honor. And I want awarded to -- -- and it just gonna turn him. The fight goes to a jury now because the two sides can't seem to. Well maybe Garth Brooks himself said it -- In court filings the hospital says they only agreed that his donation would be anonymous and unconditional and that Brooks in his attempts to add conditions in the get after it was given. Is now singing and -- -- and will he be taken to -- it's a possibility that he may still to be determined but he says that he is prepared to do that. He is a man of principle -- number one selling solo artists of all time but it's let's not about money ever not at all the principal. -- -- -- --

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{"id":15384955,"title":"Garth Brooks Suing Oklahoma Hospital","duration":"2:42","description":"The country-music superstar says the hospital broke its promise.","url":"/GMA/video/garth-brooks-suing-oklahoma-hospital-15384955","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}